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 East Wing Main Hall

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PostSubject: East Wing Main Hall   Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:55 pm

The East Wing has a sense of valor as you walk into it, semingly sparkling in the afternoon sunlight. The carpet is crimson and seems to bounce you off of it with energy, giving you a slight spring in your step. The scent in the atmosphere is bright and airy, seemingly open and radiant. The windows are all open, letting the freshness of the small pond just beyond it flow through the halls, the rhythmic sound of the bamboo clapping against stone.

Everything is rather clean and tidy, and a few students are on scattered white couches, reading books or writing on paper. Above the archway, the latin phrase "Cogito, Ergo Sum." is painted in bold, swirling lettering, and the wing banner hangs on each side, a red rose backed by pure white.

The hall spans widely, centered by a lovely table, littered with various books and notes in small piles, some simply stuck to the the soft amberwood desk. Above the desk is a bulletin board, equally adorned with notes and dates, some appear to be the day books are due. Underneath them is a list of dormitory assignments, written in a helpful list.

The East Wing seems to shine in the golden sunlight, and you have a slight urge to be overly attentive in all classes this year. . .

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East Wing Main Hall
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