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 South Wing Main Hall

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South Wing Main Hall Empty
PostSubject: South Wing Main Hall   South Wing Main Hall EmptyWed Feb 29, 2012 6:09 pm

At first, the South Wing Hall seems empty; but as you move inside, you find that a lot of students are bustling around the hall itself, quietly, but happily. The air in the hall is down tempo but calming, and the atmosphere seems thoughtful. The grey carpet seems long, but the trip is nice and easygoing, and there are beautiful paintings and details covering in the walls, some obviously done by students. A large painting of the wing banner, a black cat backed in grey, is settled on the north wall. The archway seems high, but not too looming, and reads "Nihil Obstat." in proud writing, flowing together in beautiful cursive.

As you follow the archway up, there are lively and healthy plants hanging from the rafters, and you suddenly notice a subtle scent of roses. Upon looking ahead, you notice a large vase of them upon a dark, oakwood table, drying beautifully. The bulletin board has few things on it, but is arranged in a neat fashion, a small note to the side that reads "All the love in the world, -A" in fancy hand writing pinned lovingly above everything.

The heavy curtains on the window don't seem to let in much light, but from what you can see, the courtyard outside is littered with stone tables, and a hand carved sun dial stands in the middle, reflecting the sunlight.

You feel calm, and enjoy the quiet mixed with the soft scent of the plants around you. . .

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South Wing Main Hall
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