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 North Wing Main Hall

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North Wing Main Hall Empty
PostSubject: North Wing Main Hall   North Wing Main Hall EmptyWed Feb 29, 2012 5:38 pm

As you enter the North Wing main hall, soft music can be heard coming from the hall. The main hall has a few scattered students, all chatting about their abilities, some showing them to each other. The archway has a latin phrase, "Momento Mori" written in beautiful calligraphy, but the phrase still haunts you. The windows are large and overlook a small garden, and you can see the sun speckling through vines growing down from an atrium-like structure.

In the rafters above you are a few scattered birds, and you notice many small trinkets hanging from the ceiling on various lengths of red ribbon, some shining in prism, some turning slightly in a breeze coming in from an open window. The wing banner, a plum albatross on black, waves in unison with the quiet wind.

The carpet below your feet is a lush purple and seems to cushion your every step, making your footfalls silent and slow. There is a large table against the wall at the end of the hallway, above it a large bulletin board. The table and board edges are a deep cherry wood, with emblazoned designs, swirling into a lovely pattern.

As you continue, a sense of calm covers you, but you feel as if you are being watched.

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North Wing Main Hall
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