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 West Wing Main Hall

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PostSubject: West Wing Main Hall   Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:35 pm

It's hard to notice everything in the West Wing Hall as you walk in. Looking for something to focus on, the first thing that catches your eye is the writing above the archway, "Semel in Anno Licet Insanire." written bold, large, and almost sarcastically as you listen to students running and laughing, chasing each other and throwing things. A table, which seems completely out of place pulled to the right, is covered in notes, objects, and for some reason, a gargantuan box of candy bars with "DO NOT TOUCH, -P.MORGANN" scribbled across it in permanent maker, crossed out and replaced with "HAHA ATE ALL YOUR REESE'S- S.MORGANN" in sloppy colored pencil.

You cover your face with your palm as you step on someone's pair of underwear, wondering why someone would leave a green pair in the middle of the green carpet, where no one would notice. Despite the chaos, you let a small laugh bubble up in you as a student runs by in nothing but the wing banner, the green dragon seemingly shining bright across his crotch on the field of blue.

Although there is a lot going on, the students seem to be genuinely happy, and you take note of the sea of multi-colored paper cranes dangling from the ceiling, swaying in the breeze. However, you frown when you realize that this is because one of the windows has no glass, and has a student laying halfway out it, yelling and reaching for a friend tending the garden outside it, which has bursts of lovely, beautiful plants, lined with bits of colored stones, creating a nicely built, and surprisingly well taken care of walkway.

You feel as if your school year will be fun, but frustrating. . .

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West Wing Main Hall
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