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PostSubject: B*tchSLAP 101 VO. SKARECROW   B*tchSLAP 101 VO. SKARECROW EmptyWed Aug 10, 2011 10:28 pm

Name: Kojima, Isamu (小島, 勇)
Stage Name: SKARECROW (すけぁくろ) (Also called Karasu by fans)
Complete Date of Birth: 12/21/1990
Public Birthdate: 12/21/400 b.c.
Position: Vocalist
Birthplace: Hikada, Saitama
Height: 163 cm
Weight: ??? xP
Blood Type: B
{Band Photo]
Cigarette Brand: Lucky Strike
Favorite Animal: Rat. He has one named Derida.
Favorite Colour: Purple, black, white, red.
Favorite Movie: Ichi the Killer and Watchmen.
Favorite Food: Tempura and green tea. He is always drinking it to keep his health up.
Tattoo: Sephirothic system on his back, a kissmark on his left asscheek. Red, black and white koi on his left forearm.
Favorite Band: Maximum the Hormone, the GazettE, old Dir en Grey, Rage Against the Machine, Deftones.
Inspirational People: Ruki, Kaoru from Dir en Grey and Chino Moreeno.
Liked Type of Girl: none Any kind of girl that can surprise me.
Disliked Type of Girl: Boring, too conservative.
Sexual Preference: Faggoty fag fag.
Relationship: None.
A brief history:
Isamu was always friendly to everyone around him, offering his sage five year old fashion advice to any passerby. He was always a good student. He excelled mostly in language classes, and had a knack for English. He enjoyed writing and reading. Isamu also had an American pen-pal until he went into middle school and lost touch due to his busy schedule.

When he hit middle school, the young boy began to have mixed feelings about other men and about his life in general, trying to fight off the odd dark emotions that seemed to loom over him. As he ran scared from his own despair, he became good friends with a girl that he had met at his father's gun club, who let him borrow one of her favorite C.D.s. After hearing it, he became obsessed with music in general, learning to play the drums and guitar as a reward for his good grades.

Once he had graduated high school, he moved to Tokyo with Shizuko, and they began working to form SLAP. Once his parents found out that he was indeed NOT in Tokyo to apply for university, they cut him off from their funds completely and stopped returning his calls. Seeing this as more fodder to continue towards success in his band, Isamu remembers this often, to prove to his parents that he can be worth something on an emotional level, not just on a business level.

Five Random Facts:
- He loves maple, and adores getting maple flavored things from fans.
- He's a huge video game nerd, and the only person he's ever met who can give him a run for his money is Tsunami.
- Skacrecrow doesn't like steak, but he likes to order it and eat it in front of vegetarians.
- It's always been his dream to be a drummer, but when they formed SLAP, Tsunami fought him hard for the position, and he caved.
- His parents think he is wasting his life, so every time B*tchSLAP 101 releases something, he sends them eight copies, all signed "to my adoring fans."

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
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