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 B*tchSLAP 101 DR. Tsunami

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PostSubject: B*tchSLAP 101 DR. Tsunami   B*tchSLAP 101 DR. Tsunami EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 7:26 pm

Name: Nakamura, Shizuko (中村, 静子).
Stage Name: Tsunami (つなみ).
Complete Date of Birth: 04/14/1989
Public Birthdate: 04/14/0414 B.C.E.
Position: DR.
Archetype: The Prankster/The Female.
Birthplace: Ogano, Saitama.
Height: 171 cm.
Weight: ????
Blood Type: B.
[Band Photo]
Cigarette Brand: Mild Seven One.
Favorite Animal: Tigers, Goats (has her own little flock on her parents' farm).
Favorite Colour: Red, black, purple, silver.
Favorite Movie: Thirteen Ghosts, Silent Hill, The Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Food: Sapporro, Miso soup, Seafood (mussels <3), jin deui/goma dango.
Tattoos: Mirror's Edge tattoo down right arm, tiger stripes down her back, and a barcode of her drumset on the inside of her left wrist.
Piercings: Three in right ear, two in left.
Favorite Band: Maximum the Hormone, KMFDM, MUCC, D'espairsray, the GazettE.
Inspirational People: Akira Yamaoka, Nao Kawakita (drummer from MtH), Tori Amos.
Liked Type of Boy: A person who's not opposed to wild and crazy adventures.
Disliked Type of Boy: Someone boring and repressed and scared of trying new things.
Sexual Preference: Bisexual.
Relationship: Single.
A brief history: Her parents named her Shizuko in the hopes that she would indeed be a quiet child, but they couldn't have chosen a less fitting name. From infancy, the child acted more like her stage-name, rampaging around her hometown like a mini tsunami, causing destruction and wide-spread panic everywhere she went. Got average grades in school, didn't bother to try any harder than necessary, and moved out as soon as she graduated, figuring that she could make it in Tokyo no problem.
Five Random Facts:
-Courtesy of the gun festival held in her hometown (and an over-protective father), Tsunami knows how to wield a gun. Several, in fact.
-Her parents actively support her decision to form her band (which surprised the shit outta her), and are very proud of their daughter. She makes it a point to visit them often and always offers to send them tickets to the live performances.
-Fluent in English, German, and Russian. She loves harsh, gutteral languages. 8D
-Has and still is highly considering the idea of bringing one of her (pygmy) goats to Tokyo to live in her apartment, and also on the tour-bus.
-She cannot sleep at night if she doesn't have her old stuffed tiger (Tora-kun) with her.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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B*tchSLAP 101 DR. Tsunami
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