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 Dmitri Chiron

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PostSubject: Dmitri Chiron   Dmitri Chiron EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 12:11 am

[align=center]Dmitri Chiron

Height: 6'2”
Weight:180 lbs.
Body Type: Average/Curvy.
Bust Size: C.
Left or Right Handed: Right.
Right Iris and Pupil: Dark Green, No Pupil.
Left Iris and Pupil: Ice Blue, Normal Pupil.
Horn Inset: N/A.
Hoof/Feet Set: I has feets.
Wing Color: N/A.
Fur Color: N/A.
Hair Color: White, bottom six inches deep red.
Hair Texture: Soft, straight.
Hair Length: Short.
Facial Hair: N/A.
Seiyuu: Satsuki Yukino
Voice Actor: Michelle Ruff

::Physical (Fitness and Ability)::
Level of Empathic Abilities:
Level of Physical Fitness: 8
Level of Stamina: 8
Ability to Hiigh Jump: 4
Ability to Long Jump: 4
Sprinting Speed: 5
Jogging Speed: 6
Digestive Stamina: 9
Hearing Abilty Right Ear: 6
Hearing Ability in Left Ear: 6
Eyesight (Rated on a normal 20/20 Scale): 20/20
Heavy or Light Sleeper: 10
Reflexes: 5
General Strength: 10
Prefered Type of Weapon: Her fists.

fuckyouDmitri was raised in a house with an average of twenty children and four constant adults. Often wrestling with two of her older brothers, she quickly developed strength-wise to hold her own. Her father (Jjin) started to teach more refined fighting techniques at seven, which added to the fact that she also decided to follow in her father Khorin's footsteps and become a dancer helped her fighting style develop into something similar to Capoeira.

fuckyouHer mothers (Brom and Pnemwa) are both in construction, as one is an architect and the other is a carpenter, so their house was slightly larger than normal as they added on when they took on children. Still, until Dmitri moved out she shared a room with her brothers and Llulus, and it was to Hren that she lost her virginity. She has since that time been pregnant four times, with only one child successfully surviving through to birth.

fuckyouShe started working at the age of thirteen, and while still slightly amateurish she rose in society fairly quickly due to her pale complexion. Her complexion has also led to many precious commodities being gifted to her, leaving her to live a very pampered life, especially as she has improved her dancing. She shares this lifestyle with Llulus, who is a jeweler and refines all her precious metals and gems for her.

fuckyouHer mother Pnemwa used to sing her and her siblings to sleep, and her soft, tranquil voice has led to a love of music that causes what she calls “the floating effect”. Music that makes her feel as if she has sunk through whatever surface she is on and has begun to float in something that is neither air nor water always leads to thoughts of her family and especially Pnemwa and bedtime, and never fails to calm her to the core. She also holds a fondness for the fast paced music she uses for work because it fills her with a sense of purpose and (when she's not actually working) reminds her of the times spent alone with Khorin as she learned the trade.

fuckyouFrom personal experience alone she does not hold much love for Araphim. Every time she has gone to help Llulus trade jewelry with them, all she has been met with is disapproval. She only tried to help with trading three times before she stopped trying and only went along for safety while traveling. Amon on the other hand, she didn't mind. She wouldn't say she had any Amon friends, but they always treated her with respect, even when they were annoyed or agitated.

Theme Song:
Life is Beautiful - Sixx AM.
Family/Twin: Rhonin and Hren (Older brothers), Llulus (Little Sister) Jjin and Khorin (Fathers), Brom and Pnemwa (Mothers). (These are her favorites)
Passive/Aggressive: N/A.
Rogue Level (From 1-10): N/A.
Likes: Sex, coffee, sweets, baby bellies, piercings (she has 9), pillows, fish, naps in the sun.
Dislikes: Sour food, people in pain, rain, socks.
Fears: Suffocation, heights, ghosts.
Dreams: To be able to get rid of/ignore her physical empathy, and reduce her emotional empathy.
Musical Tastes: Anything that makes her “float”.
T.V./Movie Tastes: Anything but gore.
Book Tastes: Can't be arsed to.
Sexual Orientation: pan-/poly-sexual.
Prefered Type of Lover: Any Amon or Equim (or not too bitchymoody Araphim) with a pulse.
Prefered Type of Place: Warm, with lots of windows.
Prefered Type of Weather: Sunny and warm (not hot).
Disposition: Happy and smiley.

Would the character like to have children?
She's had a child, but would she want to raise some? Not on her own, but if she lived with someone yes. Well, maybe. Unsure.
Would the character prefer an intense relationship or a light friendship? An intense relationship with lots of emotion.
Name three things you would find this character's space: Pillows, lots and lots of pillows everywhere. Clothing and jewelry, she is pampered. Candy, to feed her sweet tooth.

Personal Quote: "A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles."

Don't go into the light, it's a lampost!

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El Presidente

Posts : 27
Join date : 2011-07-17
Age : 30
Location : On the moon, with Steve

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PostSubject: Re: Dmitri Chiron   Dmitri Chiron EmptyThu Oct 06, 2011 12:17 am

Dmitri Chiron

General Theme: Life is Beautiful by Sixx AM

Lonely: Close Yet Far by CKY

Bouncy/Energetic: LDN by Lily Allen

Tranquility: Closer (Than a Heartbeat) by Andrew Benett

Depressed: Smile by the Glee Cast (Charlie Chaplin cover)

Hating on Something: Passive by A Perfect Circle

Feeling Sexy: Eat You Up by BoA

Attraction: Glitter in the Air by P!nk

Sexual Tensions: Get Off by Cinema Bizarre

In Love: Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Problems With Lover: Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) by Vertical Horizon

A Death: I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie

Forgiveness/Redemption: Hurt by Christina Aguilera

Ending Theme: Still Alive by Lisa Misovsky


Fighting - Gasoline by Porcelain and the Tramps

Lullaby to Imbri - Dreams to Dreams by Linda Ronstadt

Triplets Lullaby - My Heart is Yours by Didrik Solli-Tangenand Where Are You by Betty Steeles

Don't go into the light, it's a lampost!
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Dmitri Chiron
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