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 Llulus Chiron

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PostSubject: Llulus Chiron   Llulus Chiron EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 4:25 am

Llulus Chiron

Race: Equim.
Height: 5'11.
Weight: 178lbs.
Body Type: Curvy, hourglass.
Bust Size: DDD.
Left or Right Handed: Right.
Right Iris and Pupil: Blue, normal.
Left Iris and Pupil: Amber, normal.
Horn Inset: N/A.
Hoof/Feet Set: N/A.
Wing Color: N/A.
Fur Color: N/A.
Hair Color: Deep red-violet.
Hair Texture: Soft and feathery.
Hair Length: To her shoulders.
Facial Hair: N/A.
Voice Actor:

::Physical (Fitness and Ability)::
Level of Empathic Abilities: 4.
Level of Physical Fitness: 7.
Level of Stamina: 6.
Ability to Hiigh Jump: 7.
Ability to Long Jump: 5.
Sprinting Speed: 5.
Jogging Speed: 5.
Digestive Stamina: 8.
Hearing Abilty Right Ear: 7.
Hearing Ability in Left Ear: 7.
Eyesight: 20/20.
Heavy or Light Sleeper: 7.
Reflexes: 8.
General Strength: 6.
Prefered Type of Weapon: Knuckles, martial arts.


Llulus was raised in a small group, with four parental guardians and five other wards (although there were others that would be cycled through at times). At age seven, she and her siblings were allowed to join the fighting classes taught by one of their fathers (Jjin). Other children from different families would come to learn as well, and it was this way that Llulus became aquainted with Treiv Chiron. The two of them were often paired to fight against each other, which encouraged a rivalry between them. Soon enough, they would demand to be partnerned, simply so that they could spar and try to defeat the other. They never quite worked out if they liked or hated each other, as whenever they were together they were supercharged with aggressive emotion, feeding off the other as they fought. This strange relationship continued on and off throughout the years until Treiv eventually stopped coming for lessons (most likely because he had become old enough to work).

Llulus shared a room with her sisters Dmitri and Skitra as children, but grew especially attatched to Dmitri. She was also closer to her fathers more than her mothers, and it was to the two of them that she lost her virginity. She has been pregnant three times, with two children making it to term. This fact had a strong impact on her life, as she has always wanted a family of her own, and she is one of the rare Equim that would like to keep their children. She did, however, realize that it was what was best for her kids, even if she didn't like it.

Ever since she could remember, Llulus had always loved jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, you name it. And that fascination led to experimentation. She would often "borrow" some of either of her mothers' (Brom and Pnemwa) tools, and promptly began to take things apart and put them together--Khorin's little hoard of jewelry is mostly what she raided on these experiments. However, from a young age it was discovered that she had a very good eye, and she was praised for it rather than scolded for messing with her father's things. Indeed, her parents soon procured a little jeweler's kit for her, and Khorin would give her a few select things to tinker with.

Llulus, while graceful, lacked the rare and vibrant beauty of her sister Dmitri and decidedly was not groomed to become a dancer by their other father, Khorin. She was fine with this however because, as she grew, her jewelry designs became more intricate and gorgeous, and soon enough she found herself apprenticed to a jeweler instead. Besides, she was content making the costumes and everything else for Dmitri anyway, and she got to share in her sister's luxurious lifestyle instead of having to go out and find other work. As such, her skin is much lighter than that of other Equim (although far from being as pale as Dmitri). This was what she was made to do, she knew. The urge to create ran in her very blood, and she excelled at her craft, and was happy. The two of them continued like this for many years, and Llulus, at least, was content.

Theme Song: Lea Michelle -- Firework.
Family/Twin: Biologically? Who knows. Raised with: Dmitri and Skitra (sisters), Klayne, Hren, and Rhonin (brothers), Brom and Pnemwa (mothers), Jjin and Khorin (fathers).
Passive/Aggressive: N/A.
Rogue Level: N/A.
Likes: Windy Weather, Thunderstorms, Snow, Shiny Things, Jewelry, Sewing, Silky Fabrics, Tinkering, Sex, Dancing/Singing, Parties, Spicy Food, Children.
Dislikes: The Heat, Pain, Bugs/Spiders, Absolute Silence, Clothes, Smog, Being Sick, Medicine, Most Sweets and Candies.
Fears: Heights, Falling, Loneliness.
Dreams: To be successful in her job, and to have a child that she could actually keep and raise. Or even to be a foster-parent.
Musical Tastes: Lady Gaga, The Prodigy, Muse, D'espairsray, *NSYNC.
T.V./Movie Tastes: Juno, Glee, Moulin Rouge, America's Next Top Model, Project Runway.
Book Tastes: Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, Goddess Summoning Series, Manga.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Prefered Type of Lover: Strong, passionate, and adventurous (especially in the bedroom). Preferably with a nice, sexy voice and long-ish hair.
Prefered Type of Place: Somewhere with soft and comfortable seating, with a nice breeze (or air-conditioning/fan) to keep it from getting too hot. With people she loves surrounding her.
Prefered Type of Weather: Rainy and stormy.
Disposition: Friendly, happy.

Would the character like to have children? Yes. She's always loved children, and was devastated when the two she managed to birth were taken from her. She wants some of her own to raise.
Would the character prefer an intense relationship or a light friendship? She would prefer something deep and intense,
Name three things you would find this character's space:
1. Jewelry/Gems/Metals. There are always little trinkets and things around her for her to make jewelry out of, including rare and precious items that make up some of her more expensive pieces of work.

2. Tools. Pliers, wire-cutters, welding tools, everything she needs to make her jewelry she keeps nearby.

3. A journal and pencils. She likes to sketch and in her spare time, and she has a few books crammed full of her creativity hanging around.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Llulus Chiron
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