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 Silas Morgann

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Name: Morgann, Silas Willem
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Hartly, Harriet
Father's Name: Morgann, Lionel
Known Family With a Gift: Abbot Morgann (brother), Edmond Morgann (brother), Jarvis Morgann (brother), Lane Morgann (brother), Faulkner Morgann (brother, still attending), Phinneas Morgann (brother, still attending), Rainy Morgann (sister, still attending), Harriet Morgann (mother), Lionel Morgann (father)
Date of Birth: 4/02
Age: 22
Date of Death (if applicable): N/A
Listed Gift: Endurative, "Hyperactive Absorption"
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Camden, England, United Kingdom
Ethnicity: English, a tad Eastern European.
Familliar Species and Name: Once a black long-eared jack-rabbit, "Turbulence". Currently a Spectacled Flying Fox, "Carmen"
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Up-to-date.
Medications or Allergies: Nuts.
Religious beliefs: Atheist.
Known Phobias: Nyctophobia.

Class List: Endurance, Band (Trombone), Orchestra (Upright Bass), Jazz, Modern Music Theory, History and Anthropology.
Hobbies: Playing his instruments, dancing, meditating, yoga and videogames.
Clubs: Dancing, Lan Lounge
Sports: Sparring, Track.
Last Grade Completed at Previous School: N/A
Years of Attendance to Academy: 9th Year

Dorm Wing East Wing
Dorm Floor: Floor Four
Dorm Number Room No. 8
Room Mate:
Room Mate's Ability:
Dorm Leader

Student Photo: Silas Morgann

Height: 6"0'
Weight: 145lbs
Body Type: Thin.
Hair Color: Naturally Brown, currently reddish.
Eye Color: Brown.

History: Silas, out of all the Morgann children, has the most active ability. Because he is a little bit older, he has learned to balance what he eats and when he expresses his energy. Silas himself has always been a bit of a trouble maker, from climbing things in the store when he was young to pulling on his sisters pigtails. He's friendly but a bit of an ass, retaining the Morgann's natural slightly dark nature. Silas has attended the academy since he was twelve years old, and is well known by teachers. He enjoys free running, and is the fastest of the Morgann children to react instinctively to his surroundings, as learned in his childhood. Just like his brothers, Silas is foggy on his younger memory, and most of his past that he can recall was spent at the Academy.

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
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Silas Morgann
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