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 Event and Break Information

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PostSubject: Event and Break Information   Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:15 am

Festivals / Breaks

| January Festivals |
1st: New Years Festival, New Student Orientation
2nd: Class Orientation
25th: Scavenger Hunt

| February Festivals |
14th: Valentines Day Festival, Valentines Dance
18th: Gender Bending Day

| March Festivals |
3rd: Class Exams
17th: Shamrock Festival
*End of First Class Rotation*

| April Festivals |
1st: April Fools Day
12th: Music and Arts Festival
23rd: Egg Festival

| May Festivals |
1st: May Day
17th: Hanami, Earth Day
18th: All day cleaning, Rummage Sale and Trade
19th: Teacher Humiliation Day, Hot Dog Roast

| June Festivals |
6th: Headmaster Appreciation Day
20th-27th: Midpoint Exams
*End of Second Class Rotation

| July Festivals |
13th: Water Balloon Kamikaze, Late Night Barbecue
14th: Swimming Day, Fireworks and Star Viewing
15th: Trip to water park in the city / Butterfly Gardens, s'mores.

| August Festivals |
*Swimming pools open all month*
13th-20th: Week off for Teacher Appreciation Week
21st-25th: Yearly Evaluation Project with Assigned Team

| September Festivals |
1st: Rotation Exams and End of 3rd Class Rotation
3rd: Room Mate Appreciation Day

| October Festivals |
1st: Maple Syrup Pancakes
1st: Leaf Pile Jumping
1st-2nd: Midnight Capture the Flag
29th-30th: Candy Breakfast and Costume Production
30th: All Night Scary Stories and Ghost Hunt, Midnight Masquerade
31st: Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treating

| November Festivals |
20th: Final Exams and Next Year Electives
21st: Farewell Feast and Gift Exchange.
21st: Egg Nog and A Discussion of the Year

| December Festivals |
-Students are off for break during this month, to return on January 1st.-

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Event and Break Information
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