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 Class Lists and Description

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PostSubject: Class Lists and Description   Tue Feb 21, 2012 1:11 am


| Mathematics Professors|

-Arsenio Tavares (Trigonometry)

-Arsenio Tavares (Calculus)

-<insert name> (Geometry)

-<insert name> (Algebra)

-<insert name> (Economy)

-<insert name> (Engineering Mathematics)

-<insert name> (Basic Math)

| Arts Professors |

- Liam Williams, Professor of Mixed Arts

-Liam Williams (Pottery)

-Liam Williams (Painting)

-<insert name> (Drama)

-<insert name> (Architectural Design)

-<insert mame> ( Effects Styling / Cosmotology)

-<insert name> (Film)

| Science Professors |

- Mouroh Crowley, Professor of Plant Biology

-<insert name> (Human Biology / Anatomy)

-<insert name> (Chemistry)

-<insert name> (Computer Sciences)

-<insert name> (Practical Engineering)

-<insert name> (Growth and Development)

-<insert name> (Marine Biology)

-<insert name> (Physical Science)

-<inset name> (Medical Science)

-<insert name> (Psychology)

- Damien Reihardt, Professor of Veterinary Science

| Musical Arts Professors |

-Celestino Tomasini (Choir)

-Celestino Tomasini (Acapella Choir)

-<insert name> (Orchestra)

-<insert name> (Percussion)

-<insert name> (Band)

- Morgan Baker and Celestino Tomasini, Professors of Jazz Ensemble

- Morgan Baker and Celestino Tomasini, Professors of Modern Music Appreciation

| Criminal Arts Professors |

- Viktor Sayanovich, Professor of Behavioral Lying and Brain Manipulation

- Mikhail Sayanovich, Professor of Behavioral Lying and Brain Manipulation

- Hassan Al'Kahtani, Professor of Criminal Psychology

-<insert name> (Mechanics of Security)

-<insert name> (Counterfeiting)

| Home Economics Professor |

-<insert name> (Parenting)

-Ayden Saunders (Sewing)

-Ayden Saunders (Basics of Cleanliness)

-<insert name> (Wood shop/ auto shop)

-Ayden Saunders (Cooking 101)

| Literature Professors |

- Simon Faust, Professor of Historical Literature

- Alexander Ruthersforde, Professor of Poetry and Verse

-<insert name> (Shakespeare)

-<insert name> (Linguistics)

-<insert name> (Writing and Composition)

-<insert name> (Creative Writing)

-<insert name> (Basics of Literature)

| History Professors |

-<insert name> (World History)

-<insert name> (Political Science)

-<insert name> (Ancient Civilization)

- Alexander Ruthersforde, Professor of Anthropology

-<insert name> (Modern History)

-<insert name> (Comparative History)

-<insert name> (History of the Arts)

- Alexander Ruthersforde, Professor of Mythology and Religious Studies.

-<insert name> (Archaeology)

-<insert name> (War History)

| Manipulative Refining and Concealment |

-Abel Xióng (Beginner)

-Lucian Novak (Intermediate)

-Alessandro Torentella (Advanced)

| Endurance Refining and Concealment |

-<insert name> (Beginner)

-<insert name> (Intermediate)

-<insert name> (Advanced)

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Class Lists and Description
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