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 Song Drabbles

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PostSubject: Song Drabbles   Tue Feb 14, 2012 11:49 pm


1 – Enjoy by Bjork

fuckyouZuikiel sat in the club watching the Equim be Equim, nursing her...fourth drink. So different from the life she had know before they went rogue. Open and accepting of everything, no hiding differences or worry of reprisal for individuality. Take the trio on the right for instance. She was practically naked, only a tear of cloth around her waist, one of the men covered in tattoos, and the other had his hair a mirage of colors. They noticed her watching, and the girl sashayed over, holding her hand out to Zuikiel.

fuckyou...This could be fun.

2 – One Day by Bjork

fuckyouShe didn't know who to be more exasperated with. The little purple haired Amon following the taller Equim girl like a puppy, or the white haired giant failing so hard to woo Tülay. Honestly, it should be obvious to anyone who looked what was going on, but...Dmitri, Zuikiel was fairly positive that was the Equim's name, was fully oblivious to apparently everything, even with her empathy, and all the giant accomplished was pissing her new mentor off, or making him depressed. What was she going to do with them?

3 – The Twist by Metric

fuckyouZuikiel watched the Sentriel and Erimiel sadly. It wasn't obvious to most, but she could see what was happening. Touching her hair again, she missed the old days, back when she was sure in the knowledge that nothing would change, and that her and Eri would forever be together. She felt the pain of betrayal twist her heart again. She had done everything for Eri, they had been been happy, and now it was fading, as a red headed demon invaded their life. Wiping her eyes, she got up, if she wanted any hope of keeping things together, she needed to take care of the chores.

4 – O(オー) by Acidman

fuckyouThere was mist on the lake that morning. Admittedly it was just beginning to lighten in the sky, but Zuikiel very rarely got to see the fog set in like Agonistas. Dark and menacing, but beautifully graceful. Though fog could not actively kill you, so maybe it wasn't that good of a metaphor. She put a pot on the stove, staring out the window as she watched the sky brighten. As she prepared her tea, the sun breached the horizon, giving the world a hazy view. Grabbing her thickest blanket, a chair, and her tea, she sat out on the porch to watch the fog dissipate into a brilliant summer day.

5 – On The Wing by Owl City

fuckyouZuikiel was flying above the caravan. She had wanted some quiet time from the constant chatter of the hundreds that had been joining them. She enjoyed Equim, adored them even, but they could be so loud sometimes. Rolling over a few times, she turned to a lake they were passing. Lowering altitude, she ran her hands through the water, just enjoying the burn of muscles that she had felt beginning to weaken just a few months ago. Pushing herself to go faster, she raised herself up into a loop, twirling once more at the freedom her flight provided her.

6 – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by Glee

fuckyouZuikiel was visiting the Merger and Kindred families for the holidays. Well, she was making the rounds through all her friends, but she currently with the two at the moment, along with Llulus and Treiv. Dmitri and Axïs triplets were five, and running around causing havoc, while Llulus held her newborn close to her, Treiv staying close to her side. Alöis, Imbriel, and Dmitri each holding one of the six month old triplets Dmitri had carried for her brother in laws, her new baby bump beginning to show. Axïs soon came to call them all to the dining area, and his wife helped round up their brood.

7 – Lifetime by Akira Yamaoka

fuckyouThe caravan's dance had begun to wind down. Now all that was playing were a few low horns and a cello or two. Zuikiel pulled out her harp and started plucking out some notes. Slowly, a calm, melancholy tune began to emerge. Slow and low horns and cello balanced with the medium cadence and mezzo-soprano of her harp. A few members of rogue Araphim began singing an old lullaby about The Women in The Mists, mother's looking for their lost children. Some of the Equim picked up on the harmony, or hummed along. As the song finally ended, Zuikiel noticed most were beginning to fall asleep, if they hadn't already.

8 – Diva Dance by Inva Mula Tchako

fuckyouZuikiel had caught Dmitri listening to her music on more than one occasion. Especially the one that changes to vocalizations for the second half. So Zuikiel had let the Equim dancer borrow it. About a month Zuikiel was listening to a very familiar song, and Dmitri danced very slow, controlled, and mournfully. When it was time for the music to change, Zuikiel was surprised to hear Equim drums start up, along with bells and other percussions. The dancer sped up to her normal pace, and mixed together the fluidity of Equim dance, with the control normally found with Araphim.

9 – A New World Fool by Shouji Meguro

fuckyouThe speeches had gone wonderfully. Especially at the end when Dmitri, with her belly swollen from her and her husband's child (though with the size of her Zuikiel was guessing it was more likely children) had taken the front to thank everyone on behalf of her and her children. Zuikiel was betting it was Knexus's idea, give them even more reason to fight, to protect the Merger Child. Not that she would blame him, or anybody really. While Equim and Amon could fight, they were a bunch of misfits, completely disorganized, while the Agonistas were a trained army. It was obvious that the best move that the best bet for the Merger army to win was to try to beat them with shear size. Terrible but true, and Zuikiel was already mourning the losses they would incur.

10 – Hallelujah by Paramore

fuckyouWaiting was terrible. In waiting doubts had a chance to creep in. What if Andri and the Araphim were winning, what if Alöis and Axïs died, what if Agonistas were on their way? Though Dmitri kept assuring Zuikiel that she would know if either of the brothers were dead, and that neither would let them come anywhere near herself and Zuikiel. Zuikiel could still tell that the pregnant woman was anxious, she kept getting up and walking in circles. Though she had to be told several times to sit down, as it was starting to hurt her back, if the almost constant hand on it was anything to go by. Zuikiel hoped that the woman didn't stress herself into an early labor, the tiny Araphim was by no means equipped to deal with that.

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PostSubject: Re: Song Drabbles   Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:37 pm

It was nice to see Zuikiel's POV for once. Lol @ her thoughts on herpderp!fail!courtship. xD

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Song Drabbles
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