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 Tülay--Violets (Valentine's Day)

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PostSubject: Tülay--Violets (Valentine's Day)   Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:44 pm

Tülay found himself in the garden that morning, carefully tending all the plants. It was early, the ground underneath his hooves still covered in a thin layer of dew that clung to his fur as he moved. His long hair was tied back in a ponytail to keep it out of his way as he checked the health of his little patch of land, although several tendrils had fallen into his face regardless.

Nothing was really ready to be harvested yet, although there were a few ripe apples on the tree. He eyed one contemplatively, but he figured he’d give them a little more time to mature–they’d taste better in the long run. As he went along, he removed any and all weeds he saw, and made sure that nothing had gotten uprooted or chewed on. Once the normal tasks were done, he was able to focus on what he really needed this day.

It was the wrong time of the year for roses, or any of the other big romance flowers, but Tülay didn’t really care. They were pretty and smelled good, but they weren’t exactly what he was after. Not that Sägan would really care whether Tülay got him flowers or not–heck, he probably wouldn’t care or notice at all–but roses wouldn’t exactly hold the right meaning he wanted to express. However, the patch of violets turning their faces towards the morning sun were exactly what he needed. With a small smile, he knelt, gently stroking the little blooms of the plants before picking a good portion of them. He whispered a soft apology as he gathered most of them, but made sure to leave plenty still in the ground so that they didn’t die off. He rose slowly, careful not to drop any of his treasures, before turning and making his way back to his home.

At the door, he scraped the dirt from his hooves, careful not to get any soil on the clean floor. He set the flowers on the kitchen table, then went over to the sink, turning on the water to wash his hands. Careful not to drop it, he filled a vase he’d selected earlier with water, before carrying it over to the table. He cut the flowers’ stalks at an angle (to make sure they got extra hydration), then he arranged them in the vase, moving them around to create a pretty arrangement. He was humming softly to himself as he did so, smiling as he took in the sweet scent of the tiny flowers. They weren’t as overwhelming as roses, nor were they quite as extravagant. They were short, delicate, and odd-looking–a strange gift to be sure, but he thought they were perfect.

Once the bouquet was arranged in a pretty display of purple, blue, and white, he set them on the kitchen table and set about making breakfast. He paused as he heard the floorboards above his head creaking, but it must have just been Sägan rolling over and going back to sleep, because the noise stopped a moment or two later. Good. If he’d woken up now, it would’ve ruined the surprise.

Continuing in his movements, Tülay bustled around the kitchen, resuming his humming from earlier as he mixed batter, cracked eggs, fried bacon, prepared fruit, and set the table for two. When he had washed up the dishes and laid the breakfast out, he stood still, listening and waiting. Sure enough, the sounds from upstairs started up again, but this time they didn’t stop, and Tülay smiled. Sägan didn’t like to think so, but he had a few predictable patterns. One of which was the fact that if he smelled food–no matter how deeply asleep–he came running.

The white-haired male came plunking down the stairs, hair all mussed up and looking groggy. He yawned, and looked at Tülay with slight confusion, obviously not expecting such a sunny smile so early in the day. Murmuring a soft “g’morning”, Sägan sat down at the table, and Tülay sat as well, watching as his lover piled his plate with the bacon, waffles, fruit, and eggs he’d prepared with such care. Still beaming at his befuddled partner, Tülay helped himself to breakfast once Sägan was done, chirping a cheerful:

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sägan.”

Tülay started eating, watching everything click in the other Amon’s brain at once. The flowers, the breakfast, the cheerfulness–they all made sense to him now. All at once, there seemed a simultaneous “Ah,” and an “Oh, shit” look on his face.

Well, Tülay had figured as much. Sägan was Sägan, even if he had changed quite a lot since The Fight. And Tülay was fine with that. It was enough that Sägan had admitted his feelings instead of continuing to deny them, as weak as that made Tülay sound.

“I know you don’t really like Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d do something for you anyway. Just to show that I love you.” he said, indicating the breakfast and small vase of flowers adorning the table. Sägan didn’t give him much of a response, but Tülay hadn’t been expecting one. He drifted off the topic, content to eat breakfast in comfortable silence.

The rest of the day was spent like any other, except for the fact that Sägan was bored all day. He blamed this on the fact that he couldn’t hang out with Alöis, who had stayed home with Imbriel all day because of course his pussy Araphim housewife adored the fucking holiday. Why their women couldn’t just converse and talk about pink hearts and flowers and let the two of them goof off in peace, he would never understand. Needless to say, Sägan pretty much stayed in front of the TV all day, morosely flipping through channels and grumbling to himself whilst Tülay fluttered around the house getting it nice and clean. Sagan had agreed to a movie later in the evening, so the smaller Amon was quite satisfied. Sägan did eventually leave the house, though it was only once to go grab some groceries for dinner. Tülay’s garden couldn’t grow everything, after all.

So, once again, Tülay found himself in the kitchen, calmly cooking and humming to himself. Sägan was in the living room, watching television and snickering to himself occasionally. Tulay paid the background noise no mind, focusing instead on the task in front of him and, because of that, he did not notice when the television was turned off, nor did he hear the soft clack-clack of Sagan’s hooves as he came closer. What he did notice, however, was a pair of warm hands that suddenly wrapped themselves around his middle and pulled him into a warmer, much larger body. He made a soft noise of surprise, almost dropping his stirring-spoon as Sägan nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

“I’m trying to cook, you know.” he scolded, although there was no bite to his voice. In fact, he was smiling, quite enjoying the attention.

“It can wait.”

“Oh? Well when the house catches on fire, I’ll let you put it out then, shall I?”

Sägan did not respond, but there was a sound of rustling, and then something cool was placed over Tülay’s head. His hair was pulled back, and in one swift motion, something was fastened around his neck.


“You like stuff like this. I know you wanted it. Llulus said so.”

All this was said in a firm and confident tone, although there was almost a hint of trepidation and uncertainty in it, though Sägan would never admit to something like that. Intrigued, Tülay looked down, fingers closing around the gift, lifting it up to see. From a delicate silver chain hung a small pendant in the shape of an ivy leaf. It was indeed the one he’d been eyeing in Lulu’s store the other day, and the fact that Sägan had bought it for him made a rush of warmth fill his body. The meaning of the symbol made his heart soar, even if he knew that Sägan probably knew nothing of the pendant's properties.

“Yes, this is exactly the one I wanted. Thank you, Sägan.” he said, turning his head and kissing the tall Amon’s cheek. There was a blush on his partner’s face, but he knew better than to comment. There was a string of unintelligible mumbling, which Tülay took for a “you’re welcome”. Sagan then retreated back into the living room to hide until the redness was gone, leaving a very happy lover behind in the kitchen. There was a new spring in the small Amon’s step as he finished making the meal, and if for some strange reason it tasted much better than usual, well, that could only be coincidence.

Later that evening, the two of them were snug and warm on the couch, with Sägan suffering through some sappy movie Tülay had picked out, the vase of violets having been moved out to the coffee table and in plain view. And while he may have been resisting the urge to vomit at the utter ridiculousness on the TV screen before him, he could not deny that he enjoyed the feeling of Tülay’s body cuddled up contentedly at his side.

“. . . Do you know what ivy or violets mean, Sägan?”

“Did you expect me to?”

Sägan could feel the smile against his chest.

“No. But you surprise me at the oddest times.”

“As a matter of fact, I don’t know what they mean. But there is something that I do know.”

“Mmm? And what’s that?”


There was warm breath tickling the back of Tülay’s neck, and he shivered and squirmed, making a noise of pleasurable discomfort.

“You know, I’m trying to have a tender moment here, and you have to go and rui–ah! Sägan! Stop doing tha–AH! That!”

There was a smug smirk across the white-haired Amon’s face as he began to paw at the brunette. Well, he’d done the docile, cuddly song and dance, now it was time for his turn. And Tülay, try as he might, was loath to put an end to it. So, their conversation was put to an end in lieu of other, more important tasks.

Although, afterwards, as they lay sated and content beside each other, their earlier discussion returned to Tülay's mind. And as he stroked the sleeping man's face, he smiled tenderly.

In the old language–the language of flowers–violets stand for love, faithfulness, and taking a chance on happiness.

And ivy?

Well, it means affection. And pure fidelity in a marriage.

Which you will always have from me.

Now and forever.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Tülay--Violets (Valentine's Day)
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