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 Sevrïn D'Etoilles

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PostSubject: Sevrïn D'Etoilles   Sevrïn D'Etoilles EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 4:45 am

Sevrïn D'Etoilles

Race: Amon.
Height: 6'3.
Weight: 215lbs.
Body Type: Toned.
Bust Size: N/A.
Left or Right Handed: Left.
Right Iris and Pupil: Purple, normal.
Left Iris and Pupil: Purple, normal.
Horn Inset: Springbok.
Hoof/Feet Set: Satyr.
Wing Color: N/A.
Fur Color: Brown.
Hair Color: Dark brown with purple streaks.
Hair Texture: Soft, wavy.
Hair Length: Down to the small of his back.
Facial Hair: None.
Voice Actor: Travis Willingham.

::Physical (Fitness and Ability)::
Level of Empathic Abilities: N/A.
Level of Physical Fitness: 7.
Level of Stamina: 6.
Ability to Hiigh Jump: 4 .
Ability to Long Jump: 5.
Sprinting Speed: 8.
Jogging Speed: 7.
Digestive Stamina: 5.
Hearing Abilty Right Ear: 9.
Hearing Ability in Left Ear: 8.
Eyesight: 20/20.
Heavy or Light Sleeper: 6.
Reflexes: 7.
General Strength: 7.
Prefered Type of Weapon: Clockwork pistols.


Sevrïn and his twin Tülay were born from a young Amon named Iöris, and the two of them were raised in a group with six others. Because of the fact that they were born with satyr bodies AND purple eyes, they were treated with a mixture of admiration and teasing. Tülay recieved most of it, being the smaller of the two as well as the submissive, whilst Sevrïn was able to hold his own and give back as much as he got. He was a good fighter, and almost always won.

There was, however, one time when he lost, and fell into a pond. Being unable to swim and with the added weight of his hooves (not to mention his awkward leg shape) he sank down quickly into the water. He would have drowned had it not been for one of their caretakers. Because of that, Sevrïn developed a fear of deep water, especially if he cannot see the bottom.

When his brother found solace from bullying in a nearby garden, Sevrïn began to pursue an interest in engineering and found that he had a knack for improving and inventing things, specifically weapons. Sevrïn was good at his craft, having several ideas on how to tinker with things. He was best at working with guns, and there were days where he and his brother didn't even see each other because he was at work so late. He also had his own little room by then, which was soon messy and covered in scraps of metal, gears, cogs, tools, grease, and smelling slightly of smoke and the strange scent that always lingers around a sautering iron. However, he was happy, and he found himself the proud apprentice of an Amon engineer.

A few years later, the old amon Tülay had been working for died, leaving his property to the younger twin. Touched, Tülay and Sevrïn accepted the home, and were able to leave their group. While Tülay cultivated his garden, Sevrïn finally found a job in the Entineering business as a weapons expert, and was also able to work from home if he so desired. Thus the two brothers lived in peaceful contentment, keeping to themselves except for on the occasions when Tülay's friend and business partner Axïs would visit. Everything was good.

One day, Axïs told them both that he and his brother Alöis were going on a journey to fulfill their destinies, and said that the trip would be long and dangerous. He said that Sevrïn and Tülay did not have to accompany them, but that he would be very appreciative of their support and company. After thinking long and hard about it, Sevrïn and Tülay decided to come along--for moral support and simply for the sake of friendship. Besides, everyone needs a little adventure in their lives, right? Although, none of them could've foreseen what the future would hold for them.

Theme Song: Sneaker Pimps -- Lightning Field.
Family/Twin: Tülay D'Etoilles.
Passive/Aggressive: Agressive.
Rogue Level: N/A.
Likes: Sweets, Work, Snuggling, Inventing, Making Toys for his Children, Playing the pipes,
Dislikes: Sour Things, Spiders, Burns, Scratchy Clothes, Smoke, Being Sweaty/Sticky.
Fears: Dying--Not Death Itself, Deep Water, Drowning.
Dreams: To spend the rest of his days with his family, and to hopefully live long enough to see his grandchildren.
Musical Tastes: Placebo, Loreena McKennit, Akira Yamaoka, BT.
T.V./Movie Tastes: Disney, Lady In The Water, Harry Potter, The Count of Monte Cristo, M*A*S*H, Star Trek.
Book Tastes: Zel, Ella Enchanted/Fairest, The Looking Glass Wars, The Cat Who Went To Heaven.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Prefered Type of Lover: Sweet, spunky, someone who would be there for snuggly sex after a long day at work. Having a male AND female partner would be preferable.
Prefered Type of Place: At home, maybe in the backyard or his workroom, as long as his family was nearby.
Prefered Type of Weather: Warm and overcast, with the sun peeking out through the clouds every so often.
Disposition: Kind, quiet. fatherly.

Would the character like to have children? Yes. Like his twin, he is very fond of children and would love to have a little brood of his own.
Would the character prefer an intense relationship or a light friendship? Something light, friendly, and loving appeals to him, as long as there are passionate sparks in the bedroom.
Name three things you would find this character's space:

1. Blueprints, lists of items needed, plans, etc. Lots of documents are kept in neat piles in his workshop, with little notes scribbled in the margins for things he needs to make or tinker with for work.

2. Weapons in various stages of repair/disrepair/invention as well as tools. As part of his job, he takes things apart to fix them, tweaks already working weapons to do something better, or simply builds something new and different.

3. A jar of sweets. He has a bit of a sweet tooth, and prefers to pop something in his mouth to suck on that he doesn't need his hands to eat with, like a sucker or gobstopper. He also keeps the jar nearby just in case one of his children wanders in to see what he's doing. He likes to spoil them A LOT a little.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Sevrïn D'Etoilles
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