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 Alöis D'Etoilles

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Alöis D'Etoilles

Race: Amon.
Height: 6'0.
Weight: 188lbs.
Body Type: Average.
Bust Size: N/A.
Left or Right Handed: Left.
Right Iris and Pupil: Grey, normal.
Left Iris and Pupil: Grey, normal.
Horn Inset: Ram, curled.
Hoof/Feet Set: Legwarmers.
Wing Color: White.
Fur Color: Green.
Hair Color: Green.
Hair Texture: Soft but unruly.
Hair Length: Short.
Facial Hair: None.
Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal.

::Physical (Fitness and Ability)::
Level of Empathic Abilities: N/A.
Level of Physical Fitness: 8.
Level of Stamina: 8.
Ability to Hiigh Jump: 7.
Ability to Long Jump: 8.
Sprinting Speed: 5.
Jogging Speed: 5.
Digestive Stamina: 9.
Hearing Abilty Right Ear: 7.
Hearing Ability in Left Ear: 8.
Eyesight: 20/70 (poor sight in right eye)
Heavy or Light Sleeper: 9.
Reflexes: 6.
General Strength: 7.
Prefered Type of Weapon: Staff, or Halberd.


Alöis and his twin Axïs were born from a young Amon named (-insert name here-), and from birth were immediately looked at with distrust. Unlike most of their kind, the two brothers looked drastically different, with different colored hair, eyes, and even horn insets. This caused their caretakers and other youngsters to distrust the two boys, the threat of "Challowhemesh" lingering wherever they went. Despite this, he did manage to make friends in an Amon named Sägan. That friendship did not remain very close, however, as Sägan and his twin left the little group as soon as they were able, and since he was a few years Alöis' senior, that was far sooner than little Alöis liked.

At the age of eight, there was a raid on the small village where they lived. Araphim came in the night, setting fire to everything and killing any Amon that they could see--just one of many routine purges that took place all the time. Alöis was in the kitchen, with Axïs somewhere else in the little home they lived in with their caretakers. There was an explosion through one of the windows which caused several shelves to collapse in the kitchen, falling on top of Alöis. He blacked out for a minute or two before he was able to awaken and scramble from the wreckage--as he did so, he became covered in a variety of cooking supplies (oil among them).

When he could move freely again, he began to search for his twin, following the sound of Axïs' terrified cries. The two of them were separated by a wall of fire and debris, the others in their house already scrambling for any exit they could find. Refusing to leave their sibling, Alöis and Axïs fought as hard as they could to reach each other. Axïs finally found an opening, but as he tried to squeeze through it, the fire began to close in. Desperately, Alöis reached in and began to tug his twin free. He managed to pull Axïs out just in time, but by then the fire had reached the two boys. As they managed to escape the burning building, the oil on Alöis' skin quickened and caught fire, sending him to the floor in a blaze of pain. He rolled on the ground as his brother smacked at him in an effort to put out the flames, but soon passed out from all the pain. Somehow, Axïs managed to drag his brother's body into the shelter of the trees, hiding the two of them in the foliage. The two of them remained there for the whole night, and were lucky that they were found by some of the other Amon who'd managed to survive the attack.

Alöis suffered severe burn wounds, which left scars down the right side of his face, arm, and part of his chest. The sight in his right eye has never been the same, and the fur on his right ear was mottled with patches of scar tissue. While none of the adults ever said anything, many of the younger Amon blamed the twins for the attack, calling them harbringers of ill fortune. And, as soon as they were able to care for themselves, they were chased away with just enough money to survive. The brothers bought a tiny home, posing as lovers rather than twins in order to be allowed to live there. Nursing a growing distrust for his own kind, Alöis devoted himself to observing and charting the stars, which was a job that he could do without ever having to talk to people. Axïs, meanwhile, spent his spare time making friends and playing with flowers, much to Alöis' amusement. However, his brother was happy and content, and no one made cruel advances towards him, and that was all that mattered to Alöis.

The two brothers lived in a strange harmony for a while, Axïs eventually finding a business partner in a tiny Amon named Tülay. Around the same time, Alöis was made aware of Sägan's presence in their little town. He seemed changed, dodging any and all questions about his brother, to which Alöis simply shrugged and allowed the other to keep his secrets. He was very glad to have a friend again, however.

Many months later, Alöis was observing the stars (as usual), and for fun decided to look more into detail about their position around the time he and Axïs were born. He could not quite interpret everything right, but from the sounds of things, something about the Merger's ascent to power was tied in to his and his brother's stars. Deciding that a little adventure is just what he needed to spice up his boring life, he voiced a plan to Axïs about the two of them going out on a quest to find the Merger, whomever he may be. It was obvious that his brother had doubts and reservations on this idea, but he reluctantly agreed to go. The two of them recruited Tülay, his brother Sevrïn, and Sägan into their cause, and they were off.

Theme Song: Three Days Grace -- Burn.
Birthsign: The Murmur.
Family/Twin: Axïs D'Etoilles.
Passive/Aggressive: Agressive.
Rogue Level: N/A.
Likes: Astronomy/Astrology, Sleeping, Alcohol, Foul Language, Tea, Cat-like creatures, Stars, Silver Things, Bitter/Salty Foods, Sex.
Dislikes: Hangovers, Clothes, Hot Weather, White Noise, Beets, Ticking Noises, Alarms, Insects.
Fears: Fire, Being Burned (Again), Blindness.
Dreams: To be the best leader he can be, and to bring peace to his people.
Musical Tastes: A Perfect Circle, System of a Down, Hinder, KMFDM.
T.V./Movie Tastes: The Fifth Element, Silent Hill, Gamer, Third Rock From The Sun, Man vs Food/Bizarre Foods.
Book Tastes: House of Leaves, Good Omens, Anything Astronomy-Related.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Prefered Type of Lover: A nice house-bitch, who's a freak in the bedroom.
Prefered Type of Place: Anywhere, as long as he can see all the stars.
Prefered Type of Weather: Windy.
Disposition: Sarcastic, teasing.

Would the character like to have children? In truth, he doesn't really care. He is pretty content to simply be Uncle Alöis, although there are times when he wishes he had a little brat of his own to indoctrinate. And cuddle and spoil rotten. Maybe.
Would the character prefer an intense relationship or a light friendship? Alöis can't do "light" anything. He throws everything he has into an interaction, so a light friendship would not happen no matter how hard he tried. Besides, it's no fun that way.
Name three things you would find this character's space:
1. Star-charts with subsequent reports around them. He enjoys his work, and is adept at what he does. When not doing work, he likes to research and re-create charts of friends and family members.

2. Food of some sort. He's always hungry, and likes to have something nearby that he can munch on. The saltier, the better. Fatass.

3. Something with which he can entertain himself. It can be a book, an instrument, a strange new gadget--it doesn't matter. Alöis gets bored rather easily, and especially with the large workload that eventually gets dumped on his shoulders, he needs something to do or else he'd go crazy.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Alöis D'Etoilles
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