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 Dominic Schäfer, General Support/Tea-Boy

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Dominic Schäfer, General Support/Tea-Boy Empty
PostSubject: Dominic Schäfer, General Support/Tea-Boy   Dominic Schäfer, General Support/Tea-Boy EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 2:09 am

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Username: [DarthTaco]

Character Name: Dominic Schäfer.

Age: Twenty-One.

DOB: 05/11/2024.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Straight (?)

Ethnicity: Franco-German.

Accents: French.

Languages: English, German, French.

Height: 6'0.

Weight: 160 lbs.

Physical Description: Short and messy blonde hair with blue eyes and an average-sized build with lightly tanned skin and toned arms.

Other distinguishing marks: Several scars down his left side and back--"Life is Abound" tattooed across his left forearm to hide the biggest one. Commonly seen wearing a silver peace-sign pendant.

Personality: Very quiet, calm, and unsociable most of the time--except when he's really, really excited about something. Or engrossed in a video game. Or air-guitaring. He has a sarcastic streak, and hates being treated like a child or ordered around. Stubborn and broody, although never let him hear you say that. Almost magpie-like in nature, he has a five-finger discount card, although he's working to get rid of it because he doesn't need it anymore.

Likes: Strange and Weird Objects, Leather, Ear-Shattering Music, Books, Photography, Sleeping, Tinkering, Taking Things Apart and Re-Making Them, Violent/Scary Video Games.

Dislikes: Maths, Authority, Needles, Alarms, Being Sick, Medicine, Bugs, The Number Six, The Cops.

Fears: Claustrophobia, Car Accidents, Zombies/Undead.

Occupation Within Torchwood: General Support/Tea-Boy.

Weapons: Two combat knives and a Taurus 9mm revolver.

Current Biography: He lives in a gorgeous, roomy flat that overlooks the harbor. It lacks furniture--only the bare minimum really. It is, however, pimped out with almost everything else that Dominic could ever want. Torchwood pays extremely well, and to someone who's grown up poor, it's like releasing a kid in a candy store.

History: Dominic came from a broken home--his father left when he was six, taking most of the family's stuff with him. His mother was hardly home as she worked hard to try and support herself and her growing child. As such, there was never very much money for anything, and from an early age Dominic learned to steal to get what he wanted. When he was sixteen a severe car accident killed his mother and landed him in the hospital with severe scars and, as a result, he dropped out of high school in order to work for a living. At age twenty, he was walking home from work when he spotted a most peculiar object. He picked it up, took it home, and began to tinker with it. It turned out to be some kind of bizzarre weapon that, once taken apart, seemed to glow with an ethereal light. He put it back together, beginning to understand how the mechanism worked. And then, to his surprise, his door was bust open and an impressive group of people stormed in, screaming some nonsense about Torchwood. The leader, impressed with the boy's prowess in alien technology, offered him a job in their Hub. With all that money being offered and the chance to deal with strange shit all day, how could he say no?

Theme: Filter -- Take A Picture.

Other Important Information: Because of his shame and disgust at the largest visible scar on his left arm, he faced his fear of needles to get a tattoo to cover it up. And despite his claustrophobia, he wants to someday be able to go to a concert or a rave.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Dominic Schäfer, General Support/Tea-Boy
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