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 Lieutenant Alistair Donovan, Medical Officer

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Lieutenant Alistair Donovan, Medical Officer Empty
PostSubject: Lieutenant Alistair Donovan, Medical Officer   Lieutenant Alistair Donovan, Medical Officer EmptyFri Oct 07, 2011 1:22 am

Lieutenant Alistair Donovan, Medical Officer 34wd-1

Username: [DarthTaco]

Character Name: Lieutenant Alistair Donovan.

Age: Twenty-Four.

DOB: 10/14/2021.

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Ethnicity: A strange mixture of Polish, British, and French.

Accent: British.

Languages: English, French, and Polish.

Height: 6'2.

Weight: 190 lbs.

Physical Description: Auburn hair and hazel eyes, and light skin, with a few freckles on his nose. Average build with a toned upper torso. Commonly seen with mild facial hair.

Other distinguishing marks: He has a tattoo of spinal vertebrae, and several little tattoos of stitches around major joining points on his body (shoulders, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles).

Personality: Outgoing and dedicated to his job. He likes fucking around with the technology that comes through the Rift, especially things like shrink-rays and laser scalpels (any medical tools, really). He is friendly and playful, but knows how to lead the team when Ara is away. He is quite fond of ridiculous puns, and he especially likes to tease Grumpy Felix. But then again, who doesn't like to tease Felix?

Likes: Books, Gaming, Sleeping, Parties, Sex, Alcohol, Thunderstorms, Music, Driving, His Job, Bitter/Salty Foods.

Dislikes: War, Spiders, Smog, Hangovers, Icy Roads/Walkways, White Noise, Sirens, Explosions, The Scent of Formaldehyde.

Fears: Being In Airplanes/Helicopters, Falling, Ghosts.

Occupation Within Torchwood: Second-in-Command/Medic.

Weapons: Two semi-automatic smith&wessons, and a small combat knife.

Current Biography: Alistair has a nice flat in Belfast, and he can normally be found there on his days off with his cat, Taliesin. A rather boring life outside of work, really.

History: Fresh out of medical school, Alistair was content to work as a general staff-doctor in a plain old hospital. He had no thoughts of glorious fame and praise--he just wanted to do his job and live a nice and comfortable life. However, he was drafted during WW3, and served for three years as an army medic, until the war was over. He thankfully never saw any real fighting, but he still saw the horrors of the effects of battlefield on other people. When he returned home, he continued to do his job as a surgeon in a hospital, expecting nothing more of his life.

In an unfortunate (fortunate?) turn of events, however, Alistair found himself operating on a man who turned out to have some bizarre . . . thing in the lining of his stomach. Something foreign and almost alien in nature. When Torchwood stormed in to claim the Hitchhiker, instead of retconning the young doctor, they instead offered him a job as the prime medic of a very special team. When asked what kind of team they meant, he was met with raised eyebrows and a "you'll see". Intrigued, he went along with the strange people, and wound up in a bizarre facility full of alien technology and even bloody aliens. When asked if he would then like a job, he agreed with a starry-eyed expression. And he's stayed ever since.

Theme: Brentalfloss -- Dr. Mario.

Other Important Information: He prefers for his nickname to be "Alex". Call him "Al" or "Ali" and he'll kill you. Same thing goes if you question his medical prowess. Don't do either. You'll regret it.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Lieutenant Alistair Donovan, Medical Officer
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