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 Liam O'Shea

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Username: outlander_girl
Character Name: Liam O'Shea
Age: 23
DOB: 2-29-2022
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Ethnicity: Irish
Accents: None, Irish through and through
Languages: English, partial (limited) Irish
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 169lbs
Physical Description: He's slightly muscular, a little taller than average, with a dark brown Chelseahawk with light blue streaks in the front. He has a fair complexion, blue eyes, and plush lips.
Other distinguishing marks: Liam has four piercings; a set of snakebites and angelbites. He also has three tattoos this on his hip, this on his forearm, and a Betta Fish above his heart.
Personality: He's easy-going and friendly. He can have a bit of a sarcastic streak but never purposefully cruel. He also has a bad habit of giving anyone who pisses him off the silent treatment until he calms down, and a penchant for brooding.
Likes: Sorting the artifacts so only he can find stuff, his grandmother's baking, whiskey, ties, and the menagerie.
Dislikes: Bitter foods, flat pillows, underwear, wearing shoes, and bitches who insult his grandma.
Fears: Suffocation, things crawling out of the toilet, and falling.
Occupation Within Torchwood: General Support, Technical Support/Expert
Weapons: Two Browning Hi-Powers, both 9mm, and a switchblade knife.
Current Biography: He currently lives alone in a flat in Belfast with his cat Jonesworth (Jones for short) though he has been know to sneak a member of the menagerie for a few days during summer. He hasn't really tried dating in a while.
History: Liam was the only child of his generation in the family to raised outside of the small village his parents are from. As such he didn't learn as much Irish as his cousins did. When he was sixteen his parents caught him with another boy. Being the good Irish Catholics they were they kicked him out until he repented, and with none of the family willing to take him in he was left on the street. This lasted about two days before his grandmother hunted him down and helped get him a cheap apartment and a job.

He first met Torchwood when he gained possession of an artifact. He quickly figured out how to turn it on and control it. When the team came to confiscate it found him playing around with the artifact. Seeing how fast he figured out the use of the artifact, they offered him a job to help with the archives. Seeing how he had no other real skills he soon became the errand boy for the team.
Theme: Closer to the Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars
Other Important Information:He still lives with in the apartment his grandma got him. And she sends the team a care package every week.

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Liam O'Shea
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