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 Alexander Ruthersford Professor of Anthropology.

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PostSubject: Alexander Ruthersford Professor of Anthropology.    Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:36 am

Name: Ruthersforde, Alexander
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Sweete, Marion
Father's Name: Ruthersforde, Marcus
Date of Birth: April 17th
Age: 89 Years
Date of Death (if applicable):
Subject of Interest: Literature and History.
Listed Gift: Personal cellular age control.
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Harrogate, England.
Ethnicity: English.
Familliar Species and Name: Male Hokkaido dog, named Hyacinth.
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Up to date.
Medications or Allergies: none.
Is your familliar still your vessel?: Yes
What are your religious beliefs? Agnostic
Please list your phobias (optional): Old age

Where have you instructed before?: Cambridge University.
What are your credentials? Graduated "Maxima cum laude" From Cambridge University.
Please list any other known family member with a gift: Marcus, Ruthersforde (Father, deceased), Geoffrey, Ruthersforde (son) and
Rehan ,Attia (Grandson)
Do you have any family that you support directly? Yes.
Have you ever been arrested in any country for a violent or sexual offense? No

Please include a photo of yourself: Alexander Ruthersforde

Height:6' 1" / 5' 3"
Weight:190 lbs. / 95 lbs.
Body Type:Moderate muscle mass / Slender.
Hair Color: Blonde.
Eye Color: Blue.

History:Born to a wealthy family, Alexander grew up spoiled, thinking he could get away with anything he wanted. When he discovered his powers he only thought of them as a tool to help him complete his selfish desires. He used his abilities, his natural good looks, and his families money to get him ahead in life. Alexander soon learned his father had a similar ability to his own. His father took him on as his protege, teaching him about his new found abilities. Alexander quickly surpassed his father and outlived him, inheriting his fortune. Alexander used his new found wealth to travel. during his travels, a man came to him in a dream inviting him to teach at a school for those with gifts like himself. Bored with most everything else he took the offer.

(Please fill out the section below only if you plan on applying for the dorm floor prefect position as well)
What is the minimum sleep hours you require to function?: 2 hours.
Are you trained in CPR?: Yes.
Is your gift a depletion based ability?
Are you a heavy sleeper? No.
Do you have experience in cooking? Some.
What is your sexual preference? (optional) No preference.
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Alexander Ruthersford Professor of Anthropology.
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