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 Chung-Hee Seung

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PostSubject: Chung-Hee Seung   Chung-Hee Seung EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 5:14 am

Name: Seung Chung-Hee
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Yun Mi Hi
Father's Name: Seung Jung-Hwa
Known Family With a Gift: N/A
Date of Birth: May 10
Age: 19
Date of Death (if applicable): N/A
Listed Gift: Electronic Control and Synchronization
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Ethnicity: Korean
Familliar Species and Name: Slow Loris named Hana
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Current
Medications or Allergies: Inhaler for asthma
Religious beliefs: Atheist
Known Phobias: Eels, Ghosts, Going into another coma

Class List: Manipulative Refinement, Criminal Psychology, Behavioral Lying and Manipulation, Psychology, Trigonometry, Computer Sciences, Mechanics of Security
Hobbies: Video games, surfing the web, hacking, listening to music
Clubs: Lan Lounge
Sports: N/A
Last Grade Completed at Previous School: 10th
Record: Did not enter into 12th grade due to coma.
Years of Attendance to Academy: 1

Dorm Wing West
Dorm Floor: 3
Dorm Number 10
Room Mate:
Room Mate's Ability:
Dorm Leader Faust, Simon

Student Photo: Seung Chung-Hee

Height: 6'
Weight: 160 lbs.
Body Type: Thin
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Brown/Black

History: Chung-Hee's parents work at the Seoul Zoo, his mother in the primate area and his father with the tigers. He showed an aptitude for computers and math at a young age, though his literature and arts skills were both poor. Around age nine, he discovered that he could remotely control electronic devices. In the eighth grade he hacked the school mainframe while in the computer lab through a separate computer and systematically altered the grades of students ranked above him to raise himself to the third in his class. During the break before the second semester of his junior year, he discovered he could “go into” the computer, and began exploring the net. He ended up “getting stuck” in the net, with his consciousness being unable to find his way back, and was in a coma for three months. Upon awakening he returned home, not being accepted back into regular school due to his prolonged absence. He then received his invitation to attend Momento Mori, and used one of the Slow Lorises his mother was fostering for his familiar, hacking the zoo's computer to report it as dead.

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Chung-Hee Seung
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