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 Fahim Nazari

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PostSubject: Fahim Nazari   Fahim Nazari EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 10:01 pm

Name: Nazari, Fahim
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Saada, 'Aqila
Father's Name: Nazari, Hassan
Known Family With a Gift: Younger Sister Levitates.
Date of Birth: June 13th
Age: 18
Date of Death (if applicable): N/A
Listed Gift: Ability to Change the Density/Solidity of His Bones
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Damascus, Syria
Ethnicity: Arabic
Familliar Species and Name: Hawk named Scheherazade.
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Last December
Medications or Allergies: Takes Iron Supplements and is Allergic to Bee Stings
Religious beliefs: Muslim, but only seems to practice when home
Known Phobias: Bears

Class List: Calculus, Mixed Art, Historical Literature, World History, Sewing, Cooking 101, Parenting, Modern Music Appreciation, Physical Science, Manipulative Refinement (Advanced)
Hobbies: Belly Dancing, Swimming, Henna
Clubs: Dance Club, Music Club, Photography Club, Drama Club
Sports: Archery, Gymnastics
Last Grade Completed at Previous School: 5th
Record: Severe Tardiness Record appeared around age 10
Years of Attendance to Academy: 6

Dorm Wing North Wing
Dorm Floor: Floor 1
Dorm Number Room No. 19
Room Mate: Huang, Song Li-Jin
Room Mate's Ability: Manipulative, "Emotional Transference"
Dorm Leader Torentella, Allesandro

Student Photo: Fahim Nazari

Height: 5'9”
Weight: 150
Body Type: Lean
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue

History: Fahim was born the second youngest of six children, with his sister being the youngest and the only other member of his family with a gift. When he was young his mother would read one book to each of her children every night. One night he chose Arabian Nights, and despite her reasoning's against it, she eventually gave in, agreeing to read one tale from it a night. Over the course of the next three years, Scheherazade became his hero, as she used her wits and creativity to keep herself alive. When he was ten his gift began showing itself, and his attendance suffered, as he often could not solidify himself in time for school in the morning. When he was contacted by the headmaster, his father at first refused to listen, believe his son was making it up. He conceded however, when he was contacted himself, seeing that his son could learn to hide his ability if he attended school. When Fahim came back after his first year with long hair and a girls uniform his father kicked told him not to come back after he left for his second year, unless he stopped "disrespecting the family name." His mother has been saving money over the years so that he could return to Damascus for December, as long as he promises to marry a respectable girl when he is finished with school and to never "fraternize" with anyone from school.

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Fahim Nazari
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