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 Celestino Tomasini: Professor of Music

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PostSubject: Celestino Tomasini: Professor of Music   Wed Aug 03, 2011 8:08 pm

Name: Tomasini, Celestino Rafael.
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Frenier, Viviane.
Father's Name: Tomasini, Rafael.
Date of Birth: 12/21.
Age: Twenty-Four.
Date of Death (if applicable): N/A.
Subject of Interest: Choir, Fencing/Swordplay.
Listed Gift: Sound Visualization (Physical).
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Queluz, Sintra, Portugal.
Ethnicity: French-Portugese.
Familliar Species and Name: Genet, "Angel".
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Recent and up to date.
Medications or Allergies: Pet dander, dust.
Is your familliar still your vessel?: Yes.
What are your religious beliefs? Christian.
Please list your phobias: Crowds, extremely loud or intense noises.

Where have you instructed before?: Private Voice Lessons in Queluz.
What are your credentials?: Bachelor's Degree in Music.
Please list any other known family member with a gift: Twin sister, Grandmother.
Do you have any family that you support directly? Grandmother.
Have you ever been arrested in any country for a violent or sexual offense? No.

Please include a photo of yourself: Celestino.

Height: 6'0.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Body Type: Average, a little chubby.
Hair Color: Auburn.
Eye Color: Brown.

History: I had a really good, happy childhood, growing up with my twin sister in our tiny town in Portugal. It was discovered from infancy that we had inherited our Avó's ability to "see" sound. As such, we have perfect pitch and can help others improve theirs. Each person has their own unique trademark, and as such, none of us are very good in a crowd. We get disoriented easily, and this can be dangerous. We both attended Momento Mori when we were twelve, and while she left and stayed in the "normal" world, I came back to teach choir at my beloved school.

What is the minimum sleep hours you require to function?: Four.
Are you trained in CPR?: No.
Is your gift a depletion based ability? No.
Are you a heavy sleeper? Yes.
Do you have experience in cooking? Yes.
What is your sexual preference? Bisexual.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Celestino Tomasini: Professor of Music
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