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 Damian Reinhardt: Veterinarian and Professor of Veterinary Science

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PostSubject: Damian Reinhardt: Veterinarian and Professor of Veterinary Science   Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:30 pm

Name: Reinhardt, Damian Feliks.
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Babinski, Klaudia.
Father's Name: Reinhardt, Armand.
Date of Birth: 01/20.
Age: Twenty-Eight.
Date of Death (if applicable): N/A.
Subject of Interest: Veterinary Science/Veterinarian.
Listed Gift: Animal Understanding (Physical).
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Dresden, Saxony, Germany.
Ethnicity: German-Polish-Swiss.
Familliar Species and Name: German Shepherd, "Loki".
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Every year as required.
Medications or Allergies: Allergic to mosquitoes and pecans.
Is your familliar still your vessel?: Yes.
What are your religious beliefs? Pagan.

Where have you instructed before?: The University of Berlin.
What are your credentials? PHD in Veterinary Science.
Please list any other known family member with a gift: Mother and three brothers.
Do you have any family that you support directly? No.
Have you ever been arrested in any country for a violent or sexual offense? No.

Please include a photo of yourself: Damian.

Height: 6'5.
Weight: 168 lbs.
Body Type: Slender, toned.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Grey.

History: The eldest of my three brothers, I learned responsibility at an early age. Often I was left to be the mediator/babysitter of them when our parents were at work or away. I always strived to do well in school, studying as hard as I could to get good grades. Since I was young, I always found myself drawn to animals, like there was something in my brain that responded to theirs. Whenever I was around them, I felt like I could understand them, and they me. They never (still do not) "speak" to me, but I am always able to tell what they're feeling. Something in our brainwaves connect, I guess. Whatever it is, it fascinated me, and I found myself with the goal to help them in any way I could.

I attended Momento Mori at age twelve, hoping to get some peace and quiet--I love my family, but a break sounded nice. However, even that was shattered, as it was discovered that all three of them had gifts too. Peace and quiet indeed. I left the academy when I was eighteen, going straight into Veterinary school, where I taught for a while after I received my PHD. When the Veterinarian/Familiar Caretaker retired, I offered my services to the Headmaster, and was accepted. I have been here ever since.

What is the minimum sleep hours you require to function?: Five.
Are you trained in CPR?: Yes.
Is your gift a depletion based ability? No.
Are you a heavy sleeper? No.
Do you have experience in cooking? No.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Damian Reinhardt: Veterinarian and Professor of Veterinary Science
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