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 Devipon* DR. Nisei

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PostSubject: Devipon* DR. Nisei   Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:12 am

Name: Fujino, Setsuna (藤野, 刹那)
Stage Name: Nisei (ニセィ)
Complete Date of Birth: 02/12/1988
Public Birthdate: 02/12/????
Position: DR.
Archetype: Leader-sama
Birthplace: Iburaki-shi, Osaka
Height: 182cm
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: AB
[Band Photo]
Cigarette Brand: LARK
Favorite Animal: Cats, snakes.
Favorite Colour: Orange, bright blue, and purple.
Favorite Movie: Sid & Nancy, CROWS: Zero, and Macross Plus.
Favorite Food: Hamburger, red bean ice cream, rice candy, pumpkin.
Tattoo: Jack'o'lantern behind his left ear, XV on his left middle and index finger, "I am right here with you." in English on his forearm, his sister also has this .
Favorite Band: Buck-Tick, The Back Horn, The Pillows, Akira Yamaoka, Imogen Heap and Fine Lines
Inspirational People: Atsushi Sakurai, Tsukasa from D'espairsRay, Tetsu and Nero from Merry
Liked Type of Girl: Someone who is intelligent and maybe wild, with a short haircut. Someone who says what they think.
Disliked Type of Girl: A girl who is shallow or timid. Someone who says mean things behind the backs of others.
Sexual Preference: Straight (although, we all know it won't last.)
Relationship: A girlfriend, her name is Michiru, she has Setsuna wrapped around her finger.
A brief history: Setsuna was a happy child, but never made any friends because he was always aloof. He always did average through school, joined the soccer team but quit because his grades suffered after that. He outright refused to attend cram school and often had his head in the clouds. His parents kicked him out once he was seventeen, and he works a full-time job as a pizza delivery boy to pay for his apartment, drumming on the side, hoping to make it big after only barely graduating senior high.
Five Random Facts:
- He loves gummi bears, but won't ever tell anyone because it makes him feel fat.
- He calls himself "Nisei" after his favorite anime character from Loveless. He called himself Seimei at first.
- Nisei has one older sister, they meet up for coffee every year on his and her birthdays. They are exactly four years apart.
- Although he says he's straight, he kissed a boy in junior high because of a dare. (But did he like it? -eyebrow dance-)
- When he gets drunk, he has a tendency to fall asleep under tables.
- He is in love with Nao Kawakita, because he thinks she's a drumming goddess.
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Devipon* DR. Nisei
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