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 Sägan D'Etoilles

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PostSubject: Sägan D'Etoilles   Sägan D'Etoilles EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 11:34 pm

Sägan D'Etoilles

Race: Amon
Height: 6"5'
Weight: 257 lbs
Body Type: Athletic, but lean.
Bust Size: N/A
Left or Right Handed: Right handed.
Right Iris and Pupil: Orange, normal pupil.
Left Iris and Pupil: Orange, normal pupil.
Horn Inset: Mouflon, angled.
Hoof/Feet Set: Toed hooves.
Wing Color: N/A
Fur Color: White.
Hair Color: Grey and white.
Hair Texture: Thick and medium textured.
Hair Length: Asymmetrical; bust length on left side, eye length on right side.
Facial Hair: Beard on chin only.
Seiyuu: Naoki Oikawa.
Voice Actor: Troy Baker.

::Physical (Fitness and Ability)::
(Filled out on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being the least amount)
Level of Empathic Abilities: N/A
Level of Physical Fitness: 7
Level of Stamina: 7
Ability to High Jump: 5
Ability to Long Jump: 9
Sprinting Speed: 6
Jogging Speed: 7
Digestive Stamina: 9
Hearing Abilty Right Ear: 6
Hearing Ability in Left Ear: 7
Eyesight (Rated on a normal 20/20 Scale): 20/22
Heavy or Light Sleeper: 7
Reflexes: 7
General Strength: 6
Prefered Type of Weapon: Short daggers / throwing knives.

Sägan and his aggressive brother Kaïden were born from an Amon named Spëctre, and were quickly shuffled into a group of twelve small boys. When he was a child, Sägan was cunning and quiet, observing everyone around him with a watchful eye. He kept his distance from all aside from his twin, cursed with a slightly halting personality when it came to public situation. He was calculative but also sensitive to the words of others, falling into a bit of a downward spiral when he was told that he was not only the passive of the two, but also the birth sign The Demon. Once informed, he turned from the group entirely, becoming difficult and sullen almost constantly. Although he was bitter, he never lashed out at his brother and in turn, Kaiden became somewhat obsessive over Sagan's opinion of him, withdrawing himself from society as well, coming to the conclusion that Sagan would find him "dirty" if he spent too much time with other Amon, although Sagan never hinted at such a thing.

When they were old enough to split off, the brothers purchased a small house in the heart of the Amon capitol city, and Sagan conquered his fear of the world outside his brother by applying for a year of education in mechanics. After showing talent in the area after only a year of study, he broke off and began to freelance mechanics and engineering, also gifted in designing mechanisms and systems. When he found it was bringing in no profit, he jumped from task to task, often being released from tasks early because he had a habit of staying home with his brother, ignoring the world. Kaiden never perused any talent, although he was extremely emphatic and somewhat of a unique thinker. As time continued on, Sagan's work ethic depleted almost entirely, causing him to spend more and more time with his brother, as his arrogant persona began to grow.

A few years later, Kaiden picked up a nasty habit of violence towards innocent Amon. There were only two accounts that he brought his dirty work home with him, and this in turn caused Sagan to be the one dealing with his mess as his aggressive twin sobbed on the floor over what he had done. After he had managed to send two boys to an early death, Sagan awoke one night with his brother on top of him, hands around his neck, squeezing tightly. Sagan threw him off in a flurry of surprise, and the situation turned into a fight for survival, one inevitably out to kill the other. Kaiden, who was convinced he needed to kill Sagan to "save him from another solemn life", ended up the looser, having been stabbed by Sagan using a jagged shard of glass to slash two deep gashes, one across Kaiden's back, and another spanning horizontally across his abdomen. After getting rid of his brother's body, Sagan was punished for the murder of his brother by being stripped of his home, his educational merit, and his social stance. After a year in confinement, he was released in a different part of Amon territory. After much effort, he got in contact with an old friend, Alois, dodging all questions about his brother with his confident, joking and egotistical personality.

Theme Song: Nine Inch Nails - Ruiner
Birthsign: The Warlord / The Demon.
Family/Twin: Kaiden (deceased).
Passive/Aggressive: Passive.
Rogue Level (From 1-10): N/A
Likes: Autumn, cigarettes, innuendos, mint flavored things, sketching, sunlight, watching others, arguing, teasing, pain-killers, thrills, bondage, blood, and pretty boys.
Dislikes: Silence, being treating like nothing, darkness, the cold, scratchy fabrics, clothes in general, authorities, sleeping and stickiness.
Fears: Slight somniphobia, fear of being trapped, fear of amounting to nothing. Deeply frightened of vast, open waters where he can’t see or touch the floor. His worst fear is dying of suffocation.
Dreams: To become the engineer that creates something that changes the world, and reap the rewards with a single love.
Musical Tastes: Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Nega, KMFDM
T.V./Movie Tastes: Alien, The Host, The Cell, Fight Club.
Book Tastes:
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Prefered Type of Lover: Someone accepting with a calm demeanor. A person who wouldn't mind cooking, but can also be unpredictable. A wife-type of person.
Prefered Type of Place: Where the sun shines bright, and the weather is hot. Stormy days are freezing cold and filled with dark clouds and thunder. A place near other people, but seemingly secluded.
Prefered Type of Weather: Lots of warmth and bright days. Where rain is cold and falls in thick droplets.
Disposition: Arrogant, sometimes teasing.

(Please give detailed and explained answers.)
Would the character like to have children? Although he sometimes wishes he could, his past detours him from having children, because he isn't sure of where his violence may appear, and he's terrified of hurting something he's come to see as a part of himself, and a child would represent that to him.
Would the character prefer an intense relationship or a light freindship? A light friendship. He doesn't have the need for a significant other, and often finds himself seeking a very calm, dreamy type of relation to someone.
Name three things you would find this character's space:
1. Design blue prints for false machines. He enjoys drawing out plans for contraptions that couldn't exist, I.E. a time machine. Although he doesn't show it often, he's incredibly intelligent and comprehensive.
2. Clothes once on his body. He doesn't believe in picking up laundry. xP This is also a sort of nesting process for him, because he and his brother would often leave their clothes on the floor. He feels comfort in space that had a surrounded feel, and bare, clean, white spaces often lead him to nightmares.
3. Blankets. Again with the nesting. :B
(More questions may be added and answered at the participants descretion.)

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
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Sägan D'Etoilles
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