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 Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)-

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Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)- Empty
PostSubject: Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)-   Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)- EmptySat Mar 01, 2014 4:52 pm

Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)- H_final_zpsa2fe355c
"Perseverance. Patience. Justice. Loyalty."
Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)- Huff1_zps67582711Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)- Huff2_zps28aece52Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)- Huff3_zpse87fd536
"(A quote that suits your character)"
Sebastien M. Einion.
(One positive trait)(One negative trit. Pureblood.

●Born in St Asaph, Wales.
●Born on
●Age 15.

(Three to five sentences describing character's facial features. Please put in effort.)

●Green eyes.
●Constantly changing hair; but the roots are auburn.
●Average, slightly on the thinner side.

■(Positive personality trait)
■(Positive personality trait)
■(Positive personality trait)
■(Positive personality trait)

■(Negative personality trait)
■(Negative personality trait)
■(Negative personality trait)
■(Negative personality trait)


○(A character's like)
○(A character's like)
○(A character's like)
○French cuisine.

□(A character's dislike)
□(A character's dislike)
□(A character's dislike)
□(A character's dislike)

Φ(Three strengths separated by commas)
Φ(Three weaknesses separated by commas)

Having a father who attended Hogwarts and a mother who attended Beauxbatons made for quite the interesting home-life growing up. When Sebastien first started showing signs of magic, his parents argued about which school would lay claim to him first. His father insisted that since the family lived in Wales he was automatically claimed for Hogwarts, whilst his mother claimed that the French blood was strongest and could only mean that her son was destined for Beauxbatons, even though boys are rarely accepted into the shcool. And, indeed, the latter seemed more to the truth; Sebastien looks much more like his mother than his father.

While there was a slim chance he would be accepted, Seb quite liked the idea of going to exotic France for his schooling. Especially when his older sister was accepted and wrote home long and excited letters about how beautiful and amazing the school was. But despite his wishful thinking, when the time came, he was accepted to Hogwarts instead. However, after the initial disappointment, Sebastien became quite excited about going off to school, his parents even buying him a pet rat as a reward. A few years later, his younger brother Phillippe was also sent along, and the two of them are happily settled in the Hufflepuff house.

♂Cormack J. Einon.
♀Elise S. Pariseau.
♠Claire L. Einon (older).
♠Phillippe P. Einon (younger).

The Window into Self

Patronus: (list patronus here)
(A small explanation of why)

Boggart: His mother, frowning and yelling at him.
Sebastien loves his father, but his mother has always been the one he is most connected with, and he feels like he let her down by not being sent to Beauxbatons. Her disappointment and rejection is the most horrifying thing in the world to him.

→(wood) Pine hazel walnut
→Unicorn Hair.

°(if the character plays quiddich, list their position.)
°(The character's broom make. No firebolts, please.)
°Sebastien owns a pet rat named "Isabeau".

■(Favorite class)
■(Least favorite class)
■(Most skilled at this spell/type of magic)
■(Least skilled at this spell/type of magic)

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Sebastien M. Einion -(UC)-
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