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 Devipon* Live (In Shinjuku)

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PostSubject: Devipon* Live (In Shinjuku)   Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:10 am

No matter how many times he told himself too, Setsuna could not catch his breath. Was he always this type of person? His legs were like springs, propelling him up into the air over and over again almost as if it was instinct. He watched his purple hair bound in and out of his eyes, staring straight up at the ceiling whilst drumming on the legs that were as stiff as he had ever felt them. He was sure he had been more together at their previous gig, but most of that night had been a blur, forced out of his head by the adrenaline rush that had caused his ego to swell beyond imaginable proportions, and washed cleanly away by the feeling of his own body as dead weight on all of his muscles the next day, however completely peaceful he had been. He let a smug smile creep on to his face and a loud laugh escaped him, causing his band members to turn around for a look. Kimihiro-chan; no, Hitomi. Hitomi had began to fidget as well, standing deep inside the entrance to the stage as if he'd melt, should the crowd get a glance at him. Setsuna watched him sigh out heavily, and steel himself. More impressive yet, 'Momiji', a previously only social smoker was now digging into Setsuna's pack of cigarettes like a juicy steak, squatting down behind him, although there was a certain desire in his face. Setsuna would have to get the money he would be owing him for cigarettes later. Sometime much later.

Nisei, that's right. He was Nisei right now, the calm, collected Shihan, drumming pure energy out from himself on stage, the heart and the soul. He had no time for silly, nervous, anxious, scared-to-death Setsuna. He leapt around in a circle, laughing again as Ryotarou bound over to him like a pogo stick, matching his movements almost verbatim, if that word even fit? Nisei waved his hands in the air and shook his head in dismissal. He should never use English words in his head, always a big mistake, especially in a situation where his mind was racing through the night.

The band performing before Devipon was pounding a heavy drum and bass line for their encore, which Nisei decided was the reason Ryotarou and himself were almost in perfect sync. Ryotarou reached out quickly, punching him square in the arm while continuing to jump. Nisei chose this time to kick his bassist square in the arse, stopping quickly to stretch his leg out afterwards. "Alright, you guys." He breathed out heavily, calming his nerves as much as possible. "Hitomi, Momiji, and Ryotarou." He beckoned them in to form a circle, swallowing hard as he looked at them. "We're Devipon tonight. We're the best, second to absolutely none in what we do. This is our second live, but after the reaction we got last time, I see many more in our future. Hitomi, your voice is irresistible. Momiji, nobody lays down guitar like you. Ryotarou, you're the most beautiful fucking bassist alive."

A smirk graced his features. "They'll scream for us until they can't find the voice to, right? Tonight, we get to leave ourselves in the dust and become the people we have invented, for the second time. Ganbatte?" He asked, pumping his fist in the air, knowing full well of how foolish he may have looked, but not a single fuck could be given.

(Also, you guys can make them say stuff in between Nisei talking to them. I can edit it in, I just went with what I could do, yo.)

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PostSubject: Re: Devipon* Live (In Shinjuku)   Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:15 pm

Takenori -no, Ryotarou- was doing jumping jacks. And it was driving him crazy. He didn't have enough room to run, he had felt ridiculous punching the air, and no one had wanted to make out. Hitomi had just shrunk into the wall when he asked, Momiji had bitch stared him -that whore- and while he would flirt right back, Ryotarou didn't actually think Setsuna -Nisei, Nisei, Nisei- would actually go for a round or four of tonsil hockey.

Just then Ryotarou heard the familiar sound of his cell phone going off. Opening it he saw the text from Motoko. "Good luck Nii-san." Smiling he sent a reply of thanks and telling her to get to bed. He was glad that his parents had gotten her a cell. He liked being able to talk to her without have to use one of their parents as a translator.

Putting his phone away he started to bounce, the calming feeling of talking to Motoko being replace with agitated, sexy, endless energy cause by the adrenaline that about to be performing was filling him with. He could feel the tiny pigtails that he had put his hair into bouncing in time to his antics, and his skirt flying up, exposing the panties that Nisei had endlessly teased him for buying. But now he was glad he did, because nothing would ruin the effect of his crossdressing more than a pair of boxers underneath the pleated school girl uniform he had on. Not that he planned on any panty shots, his bass should hold everything in place and hide the boner that had slowly started to appear as they got closer to going on.

Bounding over to Nisei, they bounced in sync, like some strange telepathic version of jump rope. Ryotarou punched him in the arm, trying to relieve more energy before he simply exploded from it. Receiving a kick to the rear in return, and not caring because right now even the short pain added to the high that was building within him. As he listening to Nisei's speech, Ryotarou felt that swelling of love that performing and music and his band and -herewegoohgodlet'sdothisweROCK- brought to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Devipon* Live (In Shinjuku)   Wed Dec 21, 2011 4:01 am

The entire building was shaking with the force of the speakers as the opening band played their setlist. With the thin walls separating backstage from frontstage (on-stage?) it was easy to hear the screaming of the crowd as they got all worked up. Kimihiro was propped against the wall, his body vibrating in rhythm with the music. He was chewing nervously at one of his lip-rings, playing with the little chain connecting it to his ear. He was not too far from the doorway, and when the curtain suddenly fluttered open, he flinched, ducking out of sight in order to not be seen. He scuttled further away, and resumed his anxious waiting.

The tension and nervousness was so palpable in the small bakstage area that it was almost visible to all the senses. He himself was a fidgeting mess, trying to summon up the memories of that fateful night he'd joined this quartet--where had that confidence gone? That spontaneous self that had casually tried out for a band that he hadn't even been sure he'd get into? He, Kimihiro, who had never been so reckless in all his eighteen years, had leapt headlong into something without calculating the outcome. And while that idea scared the ever-loving piss out of him, he wanted that persona back. Especially at the moment, because he feared that without it he'd run from this place and never return. He needed to be Hitomi now, not weak, over-anylysing, play-it-safe-and-never-take-risks Kimihiro. Stick-up-his-arse, intellectual, doubtful, terrified .Kimihiro-chan.

Shaking his head, he tried to force those thoughts out of his mind, taking deep shuddering breaths and letting them out with deep sighs. Doing his best to steel his nerves and welcome the alternate version of himself to inhabit his mind, dark eyes scanned the room, observing his other companions. Perhaps emmersing himself in their energies would help. Because if they were as frightened as he was, they hid it very well beneath nervous playfillness. Tak--no, Ryotarou had just finished sending a text to someone before he started bouncing around the room with Setsu . . . Nisei, and Kis--argh!--MOMIJI seemed to be standing back having a smoke to calm himself, looking as cool and graceful as you please.

Before Kimihiro had a chance to actually bolt out of the room, the music out front pulled down to a close and, by the yells of the crowd, it was over. And within minutes . . . it would be Devipon's turn. Keen ears picked up the sounds of the other band as they finally came into the back from the other side of the stage. They crossed the edges of Kimihiro's vision, and it didn't take someone with eagle-eyes to make out their tired, sweaty bodies; however, he could also see the elated smiles on their red faces as they laughed and joked with one another. It was both encouraging and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Nisei was motioning for all of them to circle around for a last-minute pep-talk, and Kimihiro froze up for a second, swallowing harshly and playing with his glasses as he slowly and nervously walked over to join the other three, everything practically shaking now. Nisei looked each of them square in the eye as he said their stage-names, his words of comfort and confidence burying themselves deep in Kimihiro's heart. The small bespectackled teen even raised his fist in the air, his tongue tripping over his own, softer version of "Ganbatte!" before their little huddle dissapated and they lined over to go onstage.

Hitomi. Hitomi. Hitomi. Hitomi. Hitomi. Hitomi! this small mantra repeated itself over and over in his mind, the name tossed in with random lyrics from the songs he was about to sing until everything inside of him reverberated with the name and the sound of music. As the vocalist, he stood back, letting the others walk on stage first, heart pounding with adrenaline as the audience cheered on first Nisei, then Ryotarou, and Momiji. Finally, it was his turn, and he paused at the curtain, peering out slowly. Someone in the crowd yelled an exclamation as they caught sight of him, and little Kimihiro ducked back behind it again quickly. And then, when it was pulled back once more, Hitomi peeked his head out cheekily before straightening, brushing off his shoulder, and walking out into the sea of faces with a smile.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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PostSubject: Re: Devipon* Live (In Shinjuku)   

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Devipon* Live (In Shinjuku)
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