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 Mia A. Nyrén

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PostSubject: Mia A. Nyrén   Mia A. Nyrén EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 3:27 am

Mia A. Nyrén S_final_zps139303d7
"Ambition. Cunning. Leadership. Resourcefulness."

Mia A. Nyrén Snake2_zps8a832825Mia A. Nyrén Snake3_zpsc3ad17c1Mia A. Nyrén Snake1_zps02dc4141

“Don't dish it out if you can't handle what I have to give back.”

Mia A. Nyrén
Independant. Sardonic. Muggleborn.

●Anglo-Scandinavian (English, Swedish, and Norwegian).
●Born in Camden, London.
●Born on January 31st.
●Age 16.

Brown eyes commonly lined in dark makeup peer out from beneath a set of high, proud brows that always seem to be cocked at an angle. A soft and short poof of blonde hair hangs barely past unpierced ears--hair that is oftentimes slicked back to keep it from hanging down into her field of vision. A full and pouty mouth sports a single stud beneath the left side of her lower lip. She is somewhat tall, with a body of gentle curves and wickedly long legs that end in rather large feet that despite their size look damn fine in a pair of spiked heels.

●Brown eyes.
●Blonde hair.
●147 lbs.


■Holds Grudges.


○Japanese Food/Sushi.
○Discovering and experiencing new things and places.
○Muggle video games.

□Hot weather.
□Sour things.

ΦInventive, Intelligent, Creative.
ΦStubborn, Rebellious, A sore loser.

Mia had a fairly alright life, aside from moving around constantly; with a father in the navy, her family was constantly being uprooted. She barely had time to make friends in whatever new place her parents settled in, almost always finishing her school year in a different place than where she started. After a while, she simply stopped trying to make friends altogether. It was more lonely that way, but she realized at a young age that being lonely was better than being constantly torn apart by losing people she cared about. Not necessarily easier, but better.

When she recieved her Hogwarts letter, she was skeptical, thinking perhaps it was some kind of practical joke by some kids at her new school. But after shredding it and tossing it out the window, she found another in the mail the next day. She repeated this pattern for two weeks before fifteen owls ambushed her at once, all with the same letter. Having given up, she presented all of them to her parents, and it was off to Hogwarts she went.

Despite being a muggleborn, for some reason, the Sorting Hat decided to throw her into Slytherin. And ever since, she has tried to keep her blood-purity under wraps. Anyone who finds out and tries anything with her is instantly hexed or cursed, House-points and detentions be damned.  She is determined to prove her worth, to prove that she belongs where she is, and that she will outshine the lot of them someday.

Miscellaneous Information: Mia has a pen-pal named Hiroshi who attends Mahoutokoro whom she met when he came with some transfer students in her second year. She writes him often.

♂ Niklas J. Nyrén
♀ Rebecca E. Ashedown

The Window into Self
Patronus: A snake.
The snake is a cunning creature who does what it needs to do to survive. It can be deadly, but the symbolism of the snake is one of healing and transformation. Mia herself needs to undergo many changes to become the witch she was born to be.

Boggart: The headmaster telling her that she's been expelled, and demanding that she hand over her wand. Or, alternatively, the headmaster telling her she's been expelled whilst snapping her wand in half.
To be cast out of the magical community would kill her. She has a place that she never has to move away from, has friends and a purpose. She would, quite simply, rather die than go back to being a simple muggle in the muggle world, dramatic though that is.

→Phoenix Feather.
→9 1/3 inches.

°Mia doesn't play Quidditch.
°A Cleansweep 3500.
°A rough green snake, “Thane”.

■Favorite Class: Charms.
■Least Favorite: Transfiguration.
■Most skilled at: Combat Magic and Dueling.
■Least skilled at: Apparition and Astronomy.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Mia A. Nyrén
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