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 Freema Savery

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PostSubject: Freema Savery   Freema Savery EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 1:00 am

Freema Savery Dc3e8433-ae60-43d8-992a-12d231550cb7_zpscf801728-1_zpsbd80cd95

Celebrabis hereditati tuae. Nolite timere differentiae.

Celebrate your heritage. Fear not your differences.

(Here post two icons of your student, each 200x200)
Freema Savery Icon link #1Freema Savery Icon link #2

Freema I. Savery
Daughter of the Inventor

I am Born; I am Alive:
●Modbury, Devon, England
●Activated December 9, 2009
●5' 3”

A Web of Self:
↔Drama Kid↔
■ Creative ■ ↔ ■ Loud ■
■ Outgoing ■ ↔ ■ Overconfident ■
■ Spontaneous ■ ↔ ■ Flaky ■

The Joyous and Loathsome:
○ Singing ○ ↔ ○ Water ○
○ Being outside ○ ↔ ○ People fighting ○

Those Who Share My Blood:
♠ ...I don't have blood... ♠

Those Who Have My Heart:
♂♀ (Show character's sexuality changing the symbols here, e.g. bisexual would keep them the same)
♠ Mimir is STACKED. I could cut myself on those muscles, and I'm made of metal
♠ Ashai is really nice, but it's not hard to see she only really looks at Eurydice.
♠ Hrist is amazing too, but feather in all my crevices. Worst. Cockblock. Ever. Also I don't know if she like girls.
♠ Tino is...Tino. He's like a perfect storm of amazing hair and horrible judgment.

The Murmur of My Past:
→I actually remember my “birthday”. But then again, I am a robot, so I remember everything unless I delete it.
→Learning to walk was not fun. It took Creator and me hours to get all of my balances calibrated correctly.
→I had been activated for almost a month before I got to hear music. It was this beautiful ballad about starting over and never giving up. I think I would have cried if I could.

Something More:
°I don't actually need to go to school. I remember everything, so I'm not there to learn. Creator said that I need socialization if I wish to be successful though, so I here I am.
°While I like to be with the Drama kids, I can't really act, so for most things I'm the sound tech. Unless there is something that is just singing. I'm all over something that's just singing.
°I dream when I sleep. I don't know if I'm supposed to, and I'm afraid to tell Creator that I do in case it means that I need to be deactivated.

Don't go into the light, it's a lampost!
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Freema Savery
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