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 Justine Wollstonecraft

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Celebrabis hereditati tuae. Nolite timere differentiae.

Celebrate your heritage. Fear not your differences.

(Here post two icons of your student, each 200x200)
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Justine P. Wollstonecraft
Daughter of Frankenstien's Monster

I am Born; I am Alive:
● Oakland, California
● February 1st, 2010
● Three Years. I learn pretty fast.
● Short.

A Web of Self:
↔ Preppy ↔
■ Observant ■ ↔ ■ Bizarre ■
■ Helpful ■ ↔ ■ Dark ■
■ Brave ■ ↔ ■ Loner ■

The Joyous and Loathsome:
○ Horror Movies ○ ↔ ○ Sticky Things ○
○ Lightning Storms ○ ↔ ○ Salt ○

Those Who Share My Blood:
♠ None ♠

Those Who Have My Heart:
♠ I dunno really. I don't think about it often.

The Murmur of My Past:
→ Waking up in my grandpa's lab.
→ My grandpa reading me the book about me and my dad. It was hilarious!
→ Playing Operation when I first awoke to learn fine motor skills. I liked to take out the body parts. . .I also liked the jolt if I touched the sides. *giggle*

Something More:
° I tend to find body parts around. I know it sounds weird but I really enjoy hunting for bones and stuff.
° I was going to have a sister, but my Grandpa's lab burned down. He had to use parts of her to keep me alive, so in a way, it's like I'm two people.
° There's this head I have; I don't know where it belongs. It freaks my friends out, but I take care of it. It's kind of like having a puppy.

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
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Justine Wollstonecraft
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