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Elisa Lampe Dc3e8433-ae60-43d8-992a-12d231550cb7_zpscf801728-1_zpsbd80cd95

Celebrabis hereditati tuae. Nolite timere differentiae.

Celebrate your heritage. Fear not your differences.

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Elisa B. Lampe
Daughter of the Fey

I am Born; I am Alive:
●Paimpont forest, France.
●November 22nd, 1765
●Two-hundred and forty-eight.

A Web of Self:
■ Passionate ■ ↔ ■ Obsessive ■
■ Loyal ■ ↔ ■ Manipulative ■
■ Powerful ■ ↔ ■ Headstrong ■

The Joyous and Loathsome:
○ Forests ○ ↔ ○ Fire ○
○ Jumping out of a swing mid-arc ○ ↔ ○ Meat ○

Those Who Share My Blood:
♠Djaime; Younger brother♠

Those Who Have My Heart:
♂♀, but mostly ♀
♠Sophia and I would be one badass power couple. We'd dominate the earth.
♠The same goes for Solanna, in fact.
♠And Venus. We have much in common, she and I. Bombing for peace and such. -smirk-
♠Mm, Cain certainly is lovely, isn't he? All that pain and suffering means he could potentially be quite the ally.
♠Not normally my thing, but that . . . Ollie, is it? He's actually quite sweet. Very cute.
♠If Morganna wasn't so passive about her protests, maybe. Eh, she might come around. Looks like she'd be wild in bed.

The Murmur of My Past:
→The beech tree in which I was born. I barely left the area of the forest in which it was rooted for the first forty years of my life.
→Magic. It is a rousing choir in my blood, as rooted in me as the trees are. I will never forget the first minute the power sang me to sleep with its softly thrumming lullaby.
→Djaime. Father's little disappointment. He certainly isn't as strong as me, but he's my brother. He is mine to protect, even from his own stupidity and naiivette.

Something More:
°I am a child of Beltane, born near the Samhain festival. Technically, I'm assumed to be God-Touched.
°I'm a powerful bitch, and you best not cross me.
°I'm vegetarian too. I'm sure I help their wonderful stigma, don't I? -chuckles-

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Elisa Lampe
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