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 Constantine "Tino" Lupinos

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PostSubject: Constantine "Tino" Lupinos   Constantine "Tino" Lupinos EmptyMon Jun 03, 2013 9:11 pm

Constantine "Tino" Lupinos Dc3e8433-ae60-43d8-992a-12d231550cb7_zpscf801728-1_zpsbd80cd95

Celebrabis hereditati tuae. Nolite timere differentiae.

Celebrate your heritage. Fear not your differences.

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Constantine R. Lupinos
Son of the She-Wolf

I am Born; I am Alive:
●Mafra, Portugal.
●May 28th, 1997.

A Web of Self:
↔Drama Kid↔
■ Witty ■ ↔ ■ Arrogant ■
■ Intelligent ■ ↔ ■ Devious ■
■ Outgoing ■ ↔ ■ Reckless ■

The Joyous and Loathsome:
○ Kissing ○ ↔ ○ Boredom ○
○ Drama (in its many forms) ○ ↔ ○ Altercation ○

Those Who Share My Blood:
♠Esteban Lupinos; Older brother♠
♠Tatiana Lupinos; Younger sister♠

Those Who Have My Heart:
♠I'm dating Sam. It's . . . complicated, with us.
♠If Sashket wasn't so pissy that I flirted with him and Rori, we might get along okay.
♠Jessie (Justine). Can you say "scaroused"? Rrreowr!
♠If she would stop throwing books at me, I'd like to ask where in the world Carmen Sandiego would like to go for dinner.
♠'Lanna's hot. End.
♠Tana has that androgyny thing going on that messes with guy's heads. Well, straight ones. I like it. Must be the scales. I'm a sucker for patterned scales.
♠That ocean-girl. You know, the one that thinks I'm an ass. She's cute. I like her. I'd ask her out if she wouldn't drown me.

The Murmur of My Past:
→The first cognative memory I have is stumbling through the tall grasses of the game reserve. My mother would take us there every full moon.
→Sam and I spent our childhoods together, once my family moved here. She's been my neighbor for over ten years now.
→My brother took me to a Renessaince faire once, when I was about eight. It was there that I got my first taste of the stage. Of acting and drama and becoming something that you're not but having everyone treat you like you are that something. There's nothing like it in the world.

Something More:
°I hate my full name. Call me Tino.
°If I call you a nickname too, consider yourself well-liked and under my . . . protection, as it were. I guess.
°I'm not breaking up with Sam until she's ready to let go of me and confident enough not to need me anymore. Don't tell her I know that.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Constantine "Tino" Lupinos
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