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 Samantha Tigris

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PostSubject: Samantha Tigris   Samantha Tigris EmptyFri May 31, 2013 5:00 am

Samantha Tigris Dc3e8433-ae60-43d8-992a-12d231550cb7_zpscf801728-1_zpsbd80cd95

Celebrabis hereditati tuae. Nolite timere differentiae.

Celebrate your heritage. Fear not your differences.

(Here post two icons of your student, each 200x200)
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Samantha T. Tigris
Daughter of the Bakeneko

I am Born; I am Alive:
●Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.
●January 1st, 1997.

A Web of Self:
■ Active ■ ↔ ■ Unobservant ■
■ Patient ■ ↔ ■ Guarded ■
■ Outgoing ■ ↔ ■ Boring ■

The Joyous and Loathsome:
○ Sunbathing ○ ↔ ○ Overcast Days ○
○ Climbing trees ○ ↔ ○ Airplane rides ○

Those Who Share My Blood:
♠Alan Nekko; Younger brother♠
♠Sylvia Leon; Cousin♠

Those Who Have My Heart:
♠Tino, for a while.
♠And Aurora, if I'm honest.
♠I . . . don't quite understand how I feel about Simtana. -coughs-

The Murmur of My Past:
→My parents moved here from Tokyo shortly after I was born. I've lived in this house my whole life, right next door to Constantine Lupinos, when his family moved here. We practically grew up together.
→My little brother was born when I was eight.
→Mom left when I was eleven. Obviously dad couldn't keep her away from Japan for too long. She took Alan with her. I've seen them once since then.

Something More:
°Sylvia is my cousin on my father's side--you know, since he's a tiger and her dad's a lion and all.
°Dating Tino. Don't really know why. We both know we won't last in the long run, but I can't be bothered to break up with him.
°I've got some trophies for my sports. I'm quite proud of them, even if no one cares.
°I, uh . . . really kind of like romantic comedy films. Please don't tell Tino or Aurora. I'll never live it down.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Samantha Tigris
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