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 Kerrigan N. O'Carroll

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PostSubject: Kerrigan N. O'Carroll   Kerrigan N. O'Carroll EmptySat Mar 23, 2013 3:48 pm

Kerrigan N. O'Carroll R_final_zps1de0d9ac
"Intelligence. Creativity. Understanding. Wit."

Kerrigan N. O'Carroll Rav1_zps11ca86eaKerrigan N. O'Carroll Rav3_zps1f176ae2Kerrigan N. O'Carroll Rav2_zpsf2b2e44e

“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

Kerrigan N. O'Carroll
Ingenious. Incompetent. Pureblood.

●Born in Newport, Ireland.
●Born on July 17th.
●Age 13.

One of the first impressions one might form upon meeting Kerrigan is that she has the potential to be quite a lovely girl. She is currently all bones and the awkward angles of a teenager, with little to no curve to her figure. She is thin, and very short, a fact which is lorded over her by her much taller brothers. She has a soft, youthful face with clear skin that, whilst oftentimes lacking blemishes, still tends to freckle and burn. A mane of ginger-red hair falls down to her waist, and if you're lucky to catch her face not buried in an animal's fur or pressed deep into a book, you can catch sight of bright, light blue eyes that rest beneath delicate brows.

●Blue-grey eyes.
●Red hair.
●103 lbs.


■Does not take criticism well.
■Brooding; Pessimistic.
■A little moody. “Crabby”, if you will. (durhur)


○Fuzzy things.
○The smell of books; old and new.
○Muggle films and television shows.

□Her own ineptitude.
□Grape-flavored things.
□Sunburns--she gets them often.
□Repetitive Commercials or Ads.

ΦFast-learner, Excellent memory, Punctual.
ΦEasily frustrated, Indecisive, Takes on more than she's capable of,.

Kerrigan Natalie O'Carroll has never been good at magic. As a young child she never showed any of the normal signs of magical prowess that most witches and wizards do--no objects levitating when she was angry, no mysterious apparation up into the rafters, and definitely no sparks flying out of her father's wand when he handed it to her. For most of her life, Kerri's parents assumed she was a squib, and began to make the necessary preparations. Unlike her older brothers, she was not to be homeschooled. Instead, Kerrigan was sent to a nearby Muggle school, so as to make her transfer into that world easier for when the inevitable day when she wouldn't recieve a Hogwarts letter came.

Being raised half in the Muggle world and half in the Wizarding world was difficult. What few friends she made thought her stuck-up and snooty because she could never invite anyone to a birthday or slumber party, and because of that, she was rarely invited to other people's parties. She would often have to stay in town for many hours after school in order to do homework at the Muggle library, since there was no television or internet at her parent's home. But despite everything, Kerrigan's parents and siblings were supportive (even if Aiden does still call her “Squibla”).

To everyone's immense surprise, however, on the day of Kerrigan's eleventh birthday, a letter bearing her name and address came into their home in the talons of a great owl. And while she still can barely perform any spells accurately (she turned Rémi's hair permanently pink when he tried to show her a glamour spell), the wand that chose her emitted a bright display of sparks the minute it touched her fingers. And that means that, somewhere deep down, there is a well of magic just waiting for her to access.

♂Maxwell M. O'Carroll
♀Marsella R. Caulfield
♠Aiden S. O'Carroll
♠Rémi M. O'Carroll

The Window into Self
Patronus: N/A. (A dolphin, should she ever perform the spell)
This magic is far out of her range of capability. Maybe someday, but she tries not to get her hopes up. (A dolphin is intelligent and harmonious, playful and a symbol of creativity. Also they look like they fly beneath the water)

Boggart: Her family all turned away from her, showing her their backs.
Her biggest fear is that she will be cast out and shunned for having next to no magical prowess.

→Unicorn Hair.
→10 1/2 inches.

°Kerrigan is the Ravenclaw Seeker.
°She rides a Cloudkicker 500. Small, fast, and agile.
°She is accompanied almost everywhere by a black half-Kneazle hybrid named “Faust”.

■Favorite Class: Care of Magical Creatures.
■Least Favorite: Charms.
■Best At: Potions.
■Worst At: Anything that involves actual spells.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Kerrigan N. O'Carroll
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