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 Aiden S. O'Carroll

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Aiden S. O'Carroll G_final_zps21964065
"Courage. Bravery. Nerve. Chivalry."
Aiden S. O'Carroll Icon_qd85k32bm9mlmp1nmtkuduvn70_zpsff5f47f4Aiden S. O'Carroll Icon_qd85k32bm9mlmp1nmtkuduvn702_zps4e1c62c3Aiden S. O'Carroll Icon_qd85k32bm9mlmp1nmtkuduvn701_zpsc1c365e6
“Manliness consists not in bluff, bravado or loneliness. It consists in daring to do the right thing and facing consequences whether it is in matters social, political or other. It consists in deeds not words.”
Aiden, S, O'Carroll
Diligent. Self-Obsessed. Pure Blood.

●Newport, Ireland
●March 20, 1995
Wide ears, distinct strong jaw, pout lips and a strong nose make up a rather masculine face on someone so young.
strong features show some of his strong attitude which can be seen most in his eyes, which while blue seem to burn with fire and
excitement. While most of his face seems well put together his hair seems to be just short unkempt mop of curls ontop of his head.
●an icey blue
●A dark brown-red

■Strong willed



○Building Muscle.
○How Manly he is.
○Getting "involved" with men and women.
○Beating the competition

□Being beaten
□Losing muscle mass
□One-Night stands

ΦPhysicaly strong. Intelligent. Loving.
ΦThinks with his cock. Hard-Headed. A bit of a bully.
Aiden grew up in a Prestigious Pure-Blood family in Newport, Ireland with two younger siblings, his brother Remi
and his sister whom he fondly calls Squibla. Aiden and his brother are incredibly close in age and were very emotionaly close
until Aiden started harrassing his younger brother about his sex-life. His sister was quite a bit younger than him so he wasn't
to close to her, though he likes to tease her for being a squib.

Aiden at a young age fell in love with MMA tournements and Rugby and decided he wanted to be like the men on tv. That caused
his obsession with working out, building muscle and being masculine. When he hit puberty he quickly sprouted up and sprouted some
chest hair, which just fueled his "Manliness".

Though surprised that he was sorted into Gryffindor his family was nothing but supportive.

♂(Maxwell, M, O'Carroll
♀Marsella, R, Caulfield
♠Remi, M, O'Carroll
♠Karinna, M, O'Carroll

The Window into Self
Patronus: A Bull
A sign of strength, hard-headedness, Virility, and leadership
Boggart: Himself thin and sickly, just skin and bones.
Aiden has severe though not obvious self-image issues, the thought of himself being small and weak terrifies him.
→Dragonheart String Core
→13 1/3"

°Aiden is a Beater.
°Aiden Has the newest model of Nimbus
°A Savannah Cat named "Manchester"

■Favorite class Herbology.
■Least favorite class Astronomy.
■Most skilled at Healing magics and Hexes.
■Least skilled at Divination.
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Aiden S. O'Carroll
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