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 Sherlock Lewis Donovan

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Sherlock Lewis Donovan G_final_zps21964065
"Courage. Bravery. Nerve. Chivalry."
Sherlock Lewis Donovan SherlockFaceSherlock Lewis Donovan KaismileSherlock Lewis Donovan Sherlock2
"You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."
Sherlock Lewis Donovan
Adventurous - Reckless - Muggle-born
●Glasglow, Scotland
●November 21, 1997

Sherlock has a heart shaped face and large round eyes. His hair is curly and normally kept medium short, currently reaching his ears. He has a darker complexion, blessed with tanning instead of burning since he is outside so much. He has a small mole on the right side of his jaw.
●145 lbs.




○Climbing trees (He will conquer the Whomping Willow)/up to high places

Studying Being stuck inside when he breaks a bone
Studying Pickled food
Studying Losing only one sock

Φ Easy-going, Lively, Confident
Φ Careless, Compulsive, Naive
Sherlock parents (a literary professor and a painter) named him and his siblings after great literary names, though his mother has had to reign his father in a few times lest her daughter be named Narnia or their youngest Ishmael. His mother painted all of their rooms after they were born, to the themes of their names, and while his twin Lucy painted over her murals, Sherlock still has his. Mainly thanks to her children's rooms and the word of mouth of those who saw them, Sherlock's mother makes most of her money painting murals on commission, though she still sells normal painting out of galleries as well.

Because of the money his mother makes with her painting, and his father working at a local university, Sherlock's family, while not being overly wealthy, has always had enough for the four bedroom house that they own and any medical expenses that Sherlock accrued over his vastly adventurous and reckless life. He has yet to arrive at Hogwarts without having to go to the hospital wing before starting classes to repair injuries gained over the summer. His record is fourth year when he came in with an arm broken in two places, a sprained ankle, and a laceration on his face that needed four stitches from climbing a tree with an already broken arm. Sherlock suspects there may or may not be a betting pool somewhere for whether he will break the record for most times visited to the hospital wing.

♂Elijah Michael Donovan
♀Freya Wendy Morrison
♠Lucy Titania Donovan (twin)
♠Christopher Mark Donovan

The Window into Self
Patronus: Squirrel
Always moving, likes high places, a symbol of determination and finding ways around roadblocks
Boggart: Grim Reaper
He's afraid of not only himself, but his family dieing and of the afterlife.
→Dragon Heartstring
→13 ¾ inches

°Sherlock is a Chaser
°A second hand broom his father refers to as "Ol' Fathful"
°A Norwegian Forest Cat "Socks" (May or may not be magical, as was bought from muggle pet store, but has been seen on most rafters and other “impossible” areas)

■Care of Magical Creatures
■History of Magic

Don't go into the light, it's a lampost!
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Sherlock Lewis Donovan
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