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 Annabelle S. Reynolds

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Annabelle S. Reynolds H_final_zpsa2fe355c
"Perseverance. Patience. Justice. Loyalty."
Annabelle S. Reynolds AnnabellefaceAnnabelle S. Reynolds AnnabellestreaksAnnabelle S. Reynolds Annabellehair
"It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. "
Annabelle (Don't call her “Annie”) S. Reynolds
Good Humored - Set in Her Ways – Half-blood

●Ipswich, Suffolk, England
●April 14, 1999
● 14

Annabelle has a round shaped face and almond shaped eyes. Her English heritage has provided fair skin (that likes to burn in any weather sunnier than midnight) and freckles splashing across her cheeks and nose. She currently has her hair cut into a long asymmetrical bob with the right side reaching just below her shoulder and her left just above. Thanks to puberty she's filled out more horizontally than vertically, enough to always require her to sit or stand in the front, but not enough to call her fat.
●Dark green.
●Sandy blonde, with streaks of green
●5'3” (She'll hit her growth spurt any day now)
●150 lbs.


■Easily distracted

○Indian food
○Bright nail polish
○”Jousting” via hopping on one leg with one arm out

□Magical transportation
□Flat pillows
□Sitting on benches to eat
□Getting scratched by plants

ΦGumption, Ingenuity, Teamwork
ΦSelf-doubt, Indecisive, Inconsistent
Annabelle's mother and father met through her muggleborn uncle. Conceived through a one night stand at a bonding ceremony, Meredith decided quickly she wanted to keep her child. Annabelle's father, being of old blood and propriety, quickly proposed to prevent a bastard and did not take the rejection forward minded Meredith gave him well. The resulting fight had ensured that he never met his daughter, and Annabelle has never wished for him either.
Mother and daughter lived happily in small two bedroom flat with the “aunts” who owned the bakery below watching Annabelle as Meredith worked until Annabelle's letter arrived. Meredith has always been a free spirited mother, letting Annabelle learn from her own mistakes and developed into her own person. As a result, Annabelle actually tends to insist on doing things the “muggle way” because she refuses to change for anyone but herself.

♂James R. Sinclair
♀Meredith I. Reynolds

The Window into Self
Patronus: Unknown
Not old enough yet
Boggart: Her with a faceless man
She's afraid of her father taking her away from her mother and family
→Unicorn hair
→11 ½ in

°Doesn't play on the house team, but if she plays, Annabelle plays a Keeper
°Cleansweep 11
°Ferret "Torchwood"


Don't go into the light, it's a lampost!
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Annabelle S. Reynolds
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