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 Rémi M. O'Carroll

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PostSubject: Rémi M. O'Carroll   Rémi M. O'Carroll EmptyTue Mar 12, 2013 10:23 pm

Rémi M. O'Carroll S_final_zps139303d7
"Ambition. Cunning. Leadership. Resourcefulness."

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"Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them."
Rémi, M, O'Carroll
Protective. Over-Ambitious. Pure Blood.

● Caucasian
● Born in Newport, Ireland.
● 4/22
● 16
Rémi's angular jaw is softened by a sweet button nose and thick pouty lips. His light skin is often complimented on how naturally smooth it is. Though one of the quickest things noticeable about Rémi's facial features are his light turquoise eyes which seem a little too vibrant to be natural.
● Light turquoise eyes
● Once blonde, Pink after a vanity spell incident.
● 5'9"
● 150lbs

■ Reliable
■ Calm
■ Ambitious
■ Helpful (To his fellow Slytherin)

■ Competitive
■ Stubborn
■ Loud about opinions
■ Rude


○ Birds
○ Dramatic entrances
○ Citrus Fruits
○ Difficult assignments

□ The Quibler
□ The Slytherin Stigma
□ Seeing other Slytherin failing assignments
□ Ignorance

ΦOpinionated, Quick learner, Always willing to help a friend
ΦLoud about his opinions, Can't stand by and let a Slytherin fail, Incredibly vain
Rémi was born into a wealthy well to do Wizard family in Newport, Ireland. He was born to Marsella and Maxwell O'Carroll, both of which went to Hogwarts, his mother a Slytherin and his Father a Ravenclaw. Magical Aristocracy was a very large part of his life growing up.

Born at the tail end of the Voldemort crisis Rémi didn't now all to much about any of it until he was about ten years of age, also finding out about the stigma surounding Slytherins he pledged to dispel the stigma and rumors about the Slytherin house.

Rémi was then at eleven sent to Hogwarts and promptly sorted into Slytherin house and Rémi devoted himself to studies and his House-mates studies. He ended up spending most of his free time away from studies practicing spells not required for classes, some more of the cosmetic nature, one of which he made a slight mistake, causeing his hair to now grow out a pastel pink.

♂ Maxwell M. O'Carroll
♀ Marsella R. Caulfield
♠ Karinna M. O'Carroll

The Window into Self
Patronus: Tawny Owl
The Tawny Owl is often known as a bad Omen though it trully is missunderstood in that category, much like Slytherin House which Rémi fights to change. The Tawny Owl also is an incredibly hard worker and perseveers to survive even when faced without a place to nest. Also a native bird to Ireland.
Boggart: A man wearing Slytherin robes and a Death-Eater mask
Rémi fears that no matter how hard he may work Slytherin will never get past it's dark misconceptions.
→Cherry Wood
→Unicorn hair core
→13 2/3"

°A Male Maine Coon, "Morghain"

■ Favorite class: Divination
■ Least favorite class: Herbology
■ Most skilled: Transfiguration spells
■ Least skilled: Reading tea leaves
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Rémi M. O'Carroll
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