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 Antony J. Blackwald

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Antony J. Blackwald G_final_zps21964065
"Courage. Bravery. Nerve. Chivalry."
Antony J. Blackwald Gryffindor1_zps1b77e305Antony J. Blackwald Gryffindor3_zps36a2bff6Antony J. Blackwald Gryffindor2_zps6251d41b
"The arts of peace and bushido are more dynamic; more courageous than the arts of war."
Antony J. Blackwald
Kind. Brash. Muggleborn.

Antony is tanned, toned and bushy-tailed. When he smiles, his eyes reflect true happiness, and dimples appear in his cheeks. His hair seems perfectly placed out of sheer luck every day, and he does a good job of being a ray of sunshine where ever he goes. Though he can be frightening when angered, he rarely ever is. He has strong features though they are inviting.
● Light brown eyes
● Blond hair
● Toned; lean

■ Honest
■ Generous
■ Lucky
■ Charming

■ Loud
■ Brash
■ Impatient
■ Aggressive


○ Martial arts
○ Asian food
○ Girls
○ Painting

□ Long classes
□ Liars
□ Sneezing
□ Hot weather

Φ Strong, courageous, good.
Φ Never listens, lacks common sense, can't read own limits.
Antony is the youngest of five kids. He and his brothers were raised by their grandparents after their mother and father were killed. Antony and his brothers started to study the ways of marshal arts to curb their energetic tendencies, and he is generally interested in Bushido. They had a tradition that they would watch a Kung-fu movie every Sunday afternoon until their Grandfather passed away.
♂Reese R.J. Blackwald
♀Annette T. Gunderson
♠ Arthur W. Blackwald
♠ Marcus G. Blackwald
♠ Jonathan K. Blackwald
♠ Walter E. Blackwald
♠ Antony J. Blackwald

The Window into Self
Patronus: A wolf
Loyal, searching, capable of great leadership.
Boggart: Walking corpse
Because of zombie movies from when he was young.
→Unicorn Hair
→11 1/2 inches

° Antony is a chaser
° He calls it "The Thunderstrike 800". It's a hand-me-down.
° Owl,"Adonis"

■ Favorite class: Transfiguration, History of Magic
■ Least favorite class: Astronomy
■ Most skilled at: Transfiguration
■ Least skilled at: Herbology

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
Antony J. Blackwald Tumblr_mu9g3psHUe1si4k26o4_500
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Antony J. Blackwald
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