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 Shannon L. Puck

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Shannon L. Puck R_final_zps1de0d9ac
"Intelligence. Creativity. Understanding. Wit."
Shannon L. Puck Ravenclaw2_zps8c66ef3dShannon L. Puck Ravenclaw1_zps3569e8bfShannon L. Puck Ravenclaw3_zps3680fb68
"Oh, you can't help that. We're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad"
Shannon L. Puck
Brilliant. Bizarre. Half-blood.

● Full blood Irish
● Born in Dublin
● 4/12
● 15
Shannon's face is almost like a chameleon, changing looks vastly depending on mood, hair style, even time of day. She uses magics to help give herself a new look each day, and there are times where even she can't quite remember what it used to look like underneath it all. Her eyes are bright with wonder and curiosity, and her smile never betrays a single thing. Her brows are often knit together but other than that, her face is something of a mystery.
● Grey Eyes
● Blonde Hair
● 5"0 exactly.
● A bit chubby.

■ Funny
■ Bright
■ Innovative
■ Active

■ Obscure
■ Two-faced (hurhur)
■ Sensitive
■ Aloof


○ Outrageous fashion
○ Ice cream
○ Moral grey areas
○ Learning

□ Rigid people
□ Repetitive insults
□ Reptiles
□ Hipsters

ΦImprovises well, charismatic, non judgmental.
ΦFragile, unsympathetic, mean.
Shannon grew up quickly, with a deadbeat father the only guardian to her and her brothers. She's the oldest of three, and is sadly the most responsible of the family. Her mother left them after her brothers were born. Shannon was four at the time. When she received her Hogwarts acceptance letter, her father was proud, but she had to work for her own money to take the train. Her little brothers are also attending the school, therefore she no longer worries about their safety the entire time. Since this freedom, she has began to relax and express herself more.
♂Graham T. Puck
♀Jennifer Something or other.
♠Shannon L. Puck
♠Aiden J. Puck
♠Keenan J. Puck

The Window into Self
Patronus: A mare.
Shannon is wild, and would like to run free.
Boggart: Her mother.
It is a representation of where she believes all of the bad fortune in her life originated.
→Dragon heart-string
→13 inches

° Shannon is a beater.
° She has a cheap, hand-me-down broom.
° A rat,"Jacqueline"

■ Favorite class: Flight
■ Least favorite class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
■ Most skilled at: Hexes
■ Least skilled at: "Petrificus Totalus". For some reason, it always backfires on her.

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
Shannon L. Puck Tumblr_mu9g3psHUe1si4k26o4_500
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Shannon L. Puck
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