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 Daniel J. Keese

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PostSubject: Daniel J. Keese   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:54 pm

"Ambition. Cunning. Leadership. Resourcefulness."

"Silence is a sounding thing to one who listens hungrily."
Daniel J. Keese
Unique. Awkward. Pureblood.

●Born in Glasgow
Danny is a redhead in all the typical ways, with light eyelashes and freckles splashed across his face. He tends to tilt his head to one side as he watches people, though it's a habit he never really understood. His eyes are bright and wondering, and his smile is rare but honest. There's a certain otherworldly feel about him in personality and looks. He has curly, yet somehow never frizzy, bright colored hair.
●Blue Eyes
●Orangy-Red Hair
●Ver very thin.

■ Observant
■ Passionate
■ Graceful
■ Quick-witted

■ Awkward
■ Bizarre
■ Tactless
■ Unfriendly


○ Rainy days
○ Winning at games
○ Suggestive clothing on others
○ Receiving anonymous love letters (becausehetotallygetsthemallthetimehewishes)

□ Fish
□ Imbeciles
□ Being touched
□ Grumpy people

Φ Unfaltering, brilliant, helpful.
ΦProud, offensive, misunderstood.
Daniel is the middle child out of four children. They are a proud and prosperous family, wealthy and sophisticated. Each was raised with manners and grace, though his family is not exactly warm and loving. He has had a good life in the sense of everything being provided, and is grateful to his mother and father for that. They are highly entwined with magic, and Danny's father is well-known wizard.
♂Johnathon R. Keese
♀Alanna M. McKinnen
♠ Christopher S. Keese
♠ Daniel J. Keese
♠ Isabelle N. Keese
♠ Willlem C. Keese

The Window into Self
Patronus: Fox
Cunning, skittish, but protective of those it loves.
Boggart: Big, scary dogs.
A bit personal, the most he can say is that he was bullied by group of kids with a dog.
→ Spruce
→ Unicorn Hair
→ 12 inches

° Daniel doesn't play quiddich.
° A rather expensive broom.
° A cat,"Windy"

■ Favorite class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
■ Least favorite class: Flying
■ Most skilled at: Charms
■ Least skilled at: Flight

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
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Daniel J. Keese
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