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 Frederick K. Graziani

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PostSubject: Frederick K. Graziani   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:02 pm

"Perseverance. Patience. Justice. Loyalty."

"These times of hardship will pass; the spring will again yield bloom."
Frederick K. Graziani
Happy. Inattentive. Muggleborn.

●Italian / British
●Born in Bristol
Frederick, at first glance, is easily discernible as foreign. His smile is mysterious, though he's friendly looking in general, and his eyes betray playfulness. Frederick is dark skinned though clean shaven, and he has the barest hint of lines around his mouth, due to the fact that he smiles often.
●Dark brown eyes.
●Almost black hair.
●Average; slightly athletic.

■ Happy
■ Encouraging
■ Hard-working
■ Punctual

■ Inattentive
■ Passive-aggressive
■ Foolhardy
■ Stubborn


○ Gum
○ Football (Soccer)
○ Sci-fi movies
○ Being naked with socks on

□ Most Slytherin
□ Scary stories
□ Cold weather
□ Spicey foods

ΦStrong, optimistic, outgoing.
ΦNaive, easily led, too open.
Freddie has always been one to make friends fast, and being an only child, he tried to make as many friends as possible. Though he's easily swayed, he was the president of a few clubs as a kid, but he proved to be a horrible leader, because the clubs usually devolved into chaos. Frederick's parents are divorced, and before his Hogwarts attendance, he used to get passed around between the two of them often. He was never bitter however, because he loves the both of them too much.
♂Cecilio M. Graziani
♀Anna J. Freeman

The Window into Self
Patronus: A bear.
The animal is protective of it's family, but other than that, is ruled by the simple need to survive and migrate.
Boggart: A zombie clown.
Let's face it, they're horrifying.
→Dragon heart-string
→9 inches

° Freddie's a beater
° He rides a fairly cheap broom, but it gets the job done.
° A toad,"Emilio"

■ Favorite: Potions
■ Least favorite: Charms
■ Best at: Potions
■ Worst at: Hexes

"You are a great protector, siha. But some things are beyond even you."
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Frederick K. Graziani
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