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 Manipulative Refining and Concealment (Intermediate)

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Manipulative Refining and Concealment (Intermediate) Empty
PostSubject: Manipulative Refining and Concealment (Intermediate)   Manipulative Refining and Concealment (Intermediate) EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 9:23 pm

As you walk into the large classroom, your eyes are immediately drawn towards a large peacock who is currently nestled in a giant nest beside a dark wooden desk which has only mild clutter. Oddly, you also spot a rather ornate hookah next to the peacock's nest. Looking at it, you are unsure if it is actually something that is used, or if it's only for decoration. There is the faintest hint of a strange scent in the room, but whether that is from the object or simply just some light incense or perfume/cologne, you cannot tell. Whatever it is though, it is pleasant.

The room itself is spacious, although somewhat dimly lit. The walls are covered in beautiful, hand-woven tapestries with designs that fascinate you. They seem to stimulate your brain, and you almost want to go over and simply stare at them for a long while. Most of the windows are blocked off by heavy blue drapes, and the ones that are not only let in a small amount of light due to other, more sheer drapes in multicolor shades of blues and greens and purples (you suspect that they might be dyed silk). To compensate the lack of light, there are several hanging lamps, at least three per row of eight desks--and there are five neat rows in the center of the room.

Behind the desks is an empty space, which wouldn't be so odd save for the fact that, unlike the rest of the classroom, it is covered in carpet. It is a pleasing shade of indigo, and upon first glance, you wonder why it is there. You know that you'll most likely find out in due time, and you are not worried about it. It is hard to be worried about anything, actually, now that you think about it. Everything that was on your mind, whether it be an argument that you had with your roommate earlier, or maybe even nervousness about an upcoming exam, is now being soothed away, lulling you into a pleased sense of contentment. You feel that you'll do well in this class; nothing can go wrong and nothing will go wrong whilst you are in the walls of this room.

"Hello class. For those of you that know me, I hope you are well. For those that do not, I am Professor Novak, and I shall be your instructor this term."

Your gaze lazily drifts towards the fascinating pull of the speaker--a tall man with dark blonde dreadlocks pulled up in a tight ponytail. He is wearing glasses, and a simple, loose brown shirt with dark trousers. Behind those lenses, bizarre violet eyes seem to draw you in as he speaks in his calm but firm voice. Something about him just causes everything inside you to respond, and you are immediately at attention.

"Please, sit, and let us begin."

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Manipulative Refining and Concealment (Intermediate)
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