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 Ayden Saunders: Professor of Home Economics

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Ayden Saunders: Professor of Home Economics Empty
PostSubject: Ayden Saunders: Professor of Home Economics   Ayden Saunders: Professor of Home Economics EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 5:20 am

Name: Saunders, Ayden Lee.
Mother's Maiden Name and First Name: Saunders, Claire.
Father's Name: Kurosawa, Lee.
Date of Birth: 10/31.
Age: Twenty-Five.
Date of Death (if applicable): N/A.
Subject of Interest: Home Economics.
Listed Gift: Hypersensitivity (Endurative).
Birth Town, State/Province, and Country: Kawagoe, Saitama, Japan.
Ethnicity: Japanese-American.
Familliar Species and Name: Dormouse, Chu.
Most Recent Vaccination Date: Recent and up-to-date.
Medications or Allergies: Silenor, to help me sleep.
Is your familliar still your vessel?: Yes.
What are your religious beliefs? Buddhist.

Where have you instructed before?: Yamamura Kokusai High School.
What are your credentials? Assossiate's Degree, Teacher's Liscence.
Please list any other known family member with a gift: Mother, Grandparents/Aunt (mother's side).
Do you have any family that you support directly? No.
Have you ever been arrested in any country for a violent or sexual offense? Yes. A violent one--a bar-fight got out of hand, and I was arrested for defending myself. I was acquitted, however, and my assailant had to pay for the damages.

Please include a photo of yourself: Ayden.

Height: 5'8.
Weight: 150 lbs.
Body Type: Thin, delicate.
Hair Color: Reddish-brown.
Eye Color: Blue.

History: Father died shortly before I was born, so my mother named me after both he and my grandfather. My ability was noticed right away, as I was a fairly fussy child--every noise kept me awake, I was very picky with strong-tasting foods, and I was very sensitive to touch and sight. This rather impeded a few aspects of my life, but I learned to live with it. It got easier to manage the older I got. I attended Momento Mori when I turned eleven, and eventually graduated and moved on to continue my education. My gift wasn't something extraordinary--although it makes me quite hard to mug, and I am a fabulous cook--so I saw no reason for me to stay there. However, as a few years went by, I was offered a position as a Home Economics teacher, and I gladly accepted.

(Please fill out the section below only if you plan on applying for the dorm floor prefect position as well)
What is the minimum sleep hours you require to function?: Seven (My pills make it difficult to not get that much at the very least).
Are you trained in CPR?: Yes!
Is your gift a depletion based ability? No.
Are you a heavy sleeper? No.
Do you have experience in cooking? Yes, yes, yes!
What is your sexual preference? Bisexual.

"This song is like a favourite phrase: words overflowing to only you, tied to thoughts delivered to you."
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Ayden Saunders: Professor of Home Economics
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