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 Devipon* GU. Momiji

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PostSubject: Devipon* GU. Momiji   Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:54 am

Name: Hanabusa Kisuke
Stage Name: Momiji
Complete Date of Birth: 08/07/89
Public Birthdate: 08/07
Position: GU
Archetype: The Prankster
Birthplace: Osaka-shi, Osaka
Height: 170.18 cm
Weight: ???
Blood Type: O-Negitive
Cigarette Brand: Lark
Favorite Animal: Great Horned Owl
Favorite Colour: Grey
Favorite Movie:Nana
Favorite Food: Oyako Donburi
Tattoo:A red spiral on the inside of his left wrist.
Favorite Band: Merry
Inspirational People: Ruki from the Gazette, and Sugizo.
Liked Type of Girl: "I don't have time for a messy whining thing yelling about me not paying enough attention to her."
Disliked Type of Girl: "Most girls"
Sexual Preference: Gay (out of convenience.)
A brief history:Momiji was born into a well to do family with his fraternal twin brother. He was often ignored by his parents, who instead most of their time doting on his brother. His brother on the other hand often doted on him, often spoiling Momiji. Momiji and his brother got almost the same grades, his brother got most of the attention.
after a while Momiji became a bit bitter and picked up an odd style of dress, mixing punk and traditional Japanese clothing. After high school Momiji pursued his dream of joining a band, while his brother went to Tokyo university.
Five Random Facts: Hates the color yellow, Has a pet English Mastiff named Miya, Only smokes every once and a while and only when he can wrestle a cigarette from Nisei, hates cheddar cheese, loves the look of bite marks in food.
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Devipon* GU. Momiji
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